THE WEEKLY NOTES #13 hectic times, positive feedback & website updates



Last week I missed the weekly catch up because nothing really happened… I actually worked all week at my other job but this week has been a whirlwind!


This time of year is absolutely hectic and I love a love hate relationship with it. On one hand I cannot wait for the festive season but on the other I’ve got so much to do in order to have a real break. Last year I didn’t really have one so I’m hoping to have at least two weeks off blog/Youtube/working on my new project to refresh. Put daylight savings on top of that and I have to say I’ve been really really overwhelmed and exhausted this week. I do love the longer days though and the weather has been glorious.


I also wanted to say a huge thank you for all the support on my vegetarian post. We weren’t sure how it would go down especially with the mention of Isaac’s strong opinion about being vegan but you guys were all so supportive. I guess it just goes to show what an awesome community we’ve got happening here! I purchase The Oh She Glows Cookbook from Hannah’s recommendation and I LOVE it. So many delicious recipes – thanks Hannah.


Last up I’ve revamped the ad section adding some extra goodies meaning you get more bang for your buck when purchasing spaces and also updated the shop tab. Check them out if you’re interested!


What’s happening for you guys?! Anything interesting?


PS: new video is up tomorrow on the Youtube Channel… FINALLY.

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    Gosh I know how busy its been! I’m in events and with warmer nights we have more events and festivals! Also there’s spring racing and Christmas prep. End of Oct is when Xmas starts of us! I’m manning the gift wrapping stations and can’t wait!

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        Come find us (MS Gift Wrap) and we’ll wrap your presents for you, the first two weeks we’ll have the fancy paper that I love, it runs out pretty fast. It’s only a gold coin donation per item – unless it’s huge/too heavy to lift. :)

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    My mind just keeps on thinking about Xmas presents for everyone. So many people to buy for including family, friends and work. What to get?!?!?!

    xo Kat @Katness

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