THE WEEKLY NOTES #28 monday morning struggles, wedding venue success & blog post planning

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Today I thought I’d have a bit of a chat to start the week off. I hope everyone’s Monday was good and you all had an ace weekend!


This morning I’ve had planned to do ALOT of writing as I’ve been chasing my tale alot this year. Generally I have emergency posts ready to go and my posts written a week or so ahead but with how busy this year has started off as I haven’t. In the past that would’ve stressed me out but instead of allowed myself a little bit of breathing space so if I do only get 3 posts up a week that’s okay. Quality over quantity I guess you could say. Last week I sat down and had a huge brainstorm of all the titles I’d like to write and complete. It really made me excited about writing again. I’ve included alot more fashion content in the coming weeks just because I want to mix it up from the usual beauty stuff. I love beauty but I want to experiment more with different types of content.


Over the weekend we went and had a look at our fourth or fifth wedding venue. I was at the point where I REALLY just wanted to book somewhere and get the ball rolling. I wasn’t stressed about it but I was just itching to get things moving. I’m a huge planner (if you hadn’t guessed) so the fact we hadn’t locked anywhere in was more annoying then anything. Luckily we found a gorgeous spot that fits perfectly into what we want to do. I’m pretty excited about putting it altogether. It IS going to be alot of work, like any wedding, but I know it’ll come up looking amazing. Now it’s just a case of researching, planning and booking things EEPPP! We’re both so very excited and it’s become very real that we will be married in the next 12 months. If any of you have any cool resources we should look at let us know in the comments!


That’s all I have to say this week. Monday is already dragging and when I’m writing this it’s 9.30. It’s time like this I wish I drank coffee!


What have you been up too? How was your weekend?


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    How exciting about finding the venue! And absolutely agree with quality over quantity in terms of blog posts! No point churning out stuff that you aren’t passionate about!

    Jasmine /

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      That’ll be so good for you Maddie! Love long weekends. The venue is small and private so we’re able to make it exactly how we’d like with our own choice of caters etc which is what we struggled to find. It’s also way out in a remote location so it’ll be secluded and private which is a huge plus! So excited for it xx

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