Since going vegetarian loads of you guys have been asking for these kind of posts and more recipes which I’m working on! Our last recipe was a huge hit and now I’m totally craving it… I digress. Here is what I eat on a typical day.


Breakfast 6-7am 
You know those people who can roll out of bed and walk out the door without eating or really waking up? I’m not one of them. I need breakfast! Typically I have a variation of overnight oats with seasonal fruit, shredded coconut and almonds on top. It’s super easy and really filling so it’s a great way to start the day. For the oats I use a generous handful with equal parts almond milk and a spoonful of chia seeds as well… There are tonnes of ways to do overnight oats though! Isaac does it with full cream yoghurt instead of milk and also puts his fruit in there as well. I also had a green tea and a water alongside this delicious bowl of goodness.


Lunch 12:30 
Generally I make up a mix match of whatever leftovers are in the fridge and we had some leftover roast sweet potato (staple!). I threw together a salad with mixed lettuce, beetroot, feta, pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Simple but so good! If I know we’re going to have a busy week I try to roast a pumpkin and/or sweet potato on a Sunday to have with a salad throughout the week.


Snack 4pm 
You may have noticed I didn’t have a snack in the morning which is pretty normal for me. During the afternoon I usually have a handful of pretzel, my fave, or a piece of fruit. Coming into the warmer months I think I’ll be eating more fruit however pretzels are a huge love of mine!


Dinner 7:30pm 
For dinner we made a delicious mushroom risotto with spinach, broccolini and parmesan. We actually made this one up as we went and it turned out delicious. Isaac also toasted a pita bread in the oven with some garlic salt, butter and herbs which is a fantastic alternative for garlic bread if you still want that yummy side dish. Not the healthiest of meals overall but we eat a balance throughout the week so I’m never guilty when we make something like this!


What was the yummiest thing you ate today?!

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    Thanks for writing this post!
    I’ve never tried to make a risotto at home & that one sounds yummy, I might try to make one myself!
    I don’t really snack in the morning either but the afternoon snack is when I usually reach for the cookies :(
    It’s interesting to see that you can actually eat filling meals without meat!

    • 4

      Definitely do! Just such a basic risotto recipe and it’ll work out. We add different types of mushroom for looks of flavour. Haha! I can be bad in the afternoon if I don’t have something healthy in the house xD

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    The meals look and sound delicious!!! We went to the markets yesterday and had a gigantic lamb wrap with garlic sauce, hummus and tabouli. It was good! For a veggie dish I also love sweet potato with beetroot, orange, rocket, feta, tomato and cucumber. Grilled halloumi for a treat!

    xo Kat @ Katness

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    Delicious Sarah! I always laugh when people ask me what I eat when I tell them I’m a vegetarian, as if to say that if you don’t eat meat you can’t make a meal… If they only knew ;)

    Daniela | MissNewBeauty.net

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