If you Google ‘natural acne solutions’ you’ll be bombarded with information about different home remedies some swear by. It can be really difficult to decide which to try and which to pass up so today I thought as an introduction to our ‘natural beauty week’ I’ll chat about what I found worked and what didn’t.


Honey as a cleanser or mask
This is probably the most common one you’ll see pop up because honey is a natural antiseptic, antibacterial and exfoliating agent so it can reduce inflammation, redness and kill bacteria. Now as you can imagine I cringed when I attempted to adapt this into my everyday routine because I’m a pretty messy person. Using it as a cleanser just didn’t work for me. I found is messy, hard to apply and lather then I felt like my skin was never completely clean. If you wear make up as well it can be difficult to remove leftovers of eye make up, even after make up removal, with the consistency of honey. As a mask I found it alot more successful either alone or mixed with other things. It left my skin feels really soothed and soft so I can see how it does calm the skin. With long term use frequently I can see it being super beneficial for the skin.
Verdict: It does work at reducing inflammation and redness. With prolonged use I can see it being beneficial to the skin but be prepared for some mess.


Tea Tree Oil as a spot treatment
Again tea tree oil as natural antibacterial properties so when applied to cystic acne it can help treat, dry out blemishes as well as unblock sebaceous glands. This is probably the product I have most experience with as I’ve used tea tree oil since I very first had pimples. I apply it with a cotton tip to any active areas to help reduce the size, inflammation and dry out the area. Is it important to note the drying affects that tea tree can have on your skin. Generally I only use it every second night due to that factor. I’ve also heard of tea tree oil toners you can whip up at home which may be helpfully to anyone who has larger areas of active acne.
Verdict: Yes it works a treat!


Aloe Vera as a soothing treatment
A great one for soothing, healing and cooling inflamed areas because it’s anti-inflammatory and has soothing properties. If you have a plant you can squeeze the gel right from the leaf or you can buy a spray/gel from the supermarket. It can be used on the face or body and can treat so many different things from acne, sunburn, reactions to products, applied after waxing and so many more. It’s one of the most multi-purpose products you can have handy.
Verdict: a must-have.


Lemon Juice as a toner and exfoliator
Lemon Juice has a natural astringent and antibacterial properties which can help tone, exfoliant the skin and because it prevents clogged pores it can also help minimise blackheads or breakouts. Some people think it helps reduce pore size but the jury is still out whether that is actually possible. This one I feel funny about. Why? Because although I can say I noticed it helping keeping my pores a little clearer the harshness of using lemon on my skin outweighs any benefits that I can get from something alot more gentle. You know that feeling you get when you get lemon juice in a paper cut? Yeah well imagine that all over your face. I tried diluting it, mixing it with things like rosewater and it just didn’t work.
Verdict: one to avoid.


Eating well & drinking plenty of water
Yep you knew it was coming but honestly guys nourishing your body makes such a huge difference to your skin! Make sure you’re drinking enough water and eating lots of greens!!!
Verdict: no questions asked. 


What are some natural pimple reducing remedies you’ve tried? Have they worked?




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    Besides eating well and drinking plenty of water, none these solutions really work for me (sadly)!! For some reason I have never had great success with Tea Tree Oil. I find it really dries out my skin a bit too much! For me the best route is usually just a great natural facial oil, a chemical exfoliant and using natural acids in products such as glycolic, salicylic or lactic acid xx

    Chantalle | cece & grace

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    I’ve definitely tried honey as a mask and I love how soft and smooth my skin feels afterwards! I’m also experimented a little with tea tree oil but it doesn’t really give me results and my skin feels quite uncomfortable afterwards. I don’t have much acne but I think that’s just because I have a (relatively) healthy diet? I notice my skin gets worse when I eat more junk food :(

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    This is a lovely post & I love your verdicts. I have to admit I always thought lemon juice was a funky one because it seems like it would be terrible for me! xx

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    I was elated when I saw your IG post, that you were blogging on acne..Something I love to hate.. have suffered for years with it..never had it when I was a teen but am suffering now..I never take photos of myself as I’m too self conscious..I’ve literally tried an absolute multitude of products, everything you can think of..been to dermatologists , doctors, naturopaths etc..all to no real avail..I’m glad you included aloe Vera…💚🌱Wonder plant..this is THE only thing that has truly had some effect, straight from the garden..and refrigerated for extra cooling effect. Aloe and a vitamin lotion I use, or even macro E cream was great, believe it or not..I also have new product im about to try, called Hiruscar fingers crossed there. This is mainly to help with post acne scarring.. But like you say in your last paragraph Eating well and Drinking plenty of water is PARAMOUNT.xx

    • 14

      So excited you enjoyed this one Victoria! Let me know how you got with your hiruscar gel! I’ve never heard of it xxx

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