Whiter teeth is something most of us would love to have. Am I right? Here are some simple methods to give a go without the harshness of chemical treatments.


Keeko Oil is a newer brand bringing conveniently packaged sachets containing an oil blend that is designed to help whiten teeth and improve overall oral health. Oil pulling is an ancient treatment and it’s super simple – swish the oil around in your mouth for 5-10 minutes, spit and brush your teeth as usual. There are a few different ones to choose from but I was gifted the Vanilla and Cinnamon flavour which is quite a yummy flavour. In each bag you get a two week treatment and so far I’m really enjoying it and can see results which I will be sharing in the near future!


We’ve all seen or been the dag with a coffee straw but coffee, tea, soda and wine can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth so it’s important to reduce direct exposure to teeth if you can. If you’re at home or have #noshame try to drink these drinks with a straw.


Sounds gross and it really isn’t the most delicious but it can help with maintaining. I like to do this in-between using a whitening treatment to help with keeping things looking bright. I also cheat a little as I like to have a glass of apple cider vinegar in the morning to aid with digestion so I swish that around in the morning as well :P


I know this isn’t really a method but swapping out your toothbrush every 3 months is so important to maintaining good oral health and white teeth. Set a reminder on your phone and do it!



What are some of your favourite ways to naturally whiten your teeth?



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      Hi Angela! We have added a few special oils to take Keeko Oil pulling to the next level! Also coming in sachets means no more spooning solid coconut oil in your mouth & it’s easy to travel with as well. We took ages to get the flavours just right, and personally Vanilla Cinnamon is my fave :) If you need any info on Keeko feel free to contact me on hello@keekooil.com

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    Yep! I was told by my dentist to drink everything (besides water) through a straw when I got my braces on , I don’t :( . I’m DYING to get them off. Hopefully soon! And then I will definitely need to get them whitened.But I’ll wait and see what the dentist recommends first.

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      Hey Melanie! Keeko is actually amazing for people with braces as it helps get rid of all the bacteria that is hiding around them that your toothbrush can’t sometimes reach. It’s the bacteria (plaque) that can cause the teeth to stain around the braces. I actually have braces at the moment as well so i know exactly what you are going through! We recommend doing it once or twice a week for people with braces as they way it won’t naturally whiten your teeth around the brace but will help keep the plaque in check xx

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    Awesome post Sarah! I didn’t know about the Apple Cider Vinegar! May give it a go! Must remember to always bring a straw with me haha <3

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