This month has been insane for beauty launches seeing a fair few affordable brands launch some stellar make up products along with some skincare, haircare and fragrances coming out too! Let’s not muck around and get straight into the best picks from the months launches.


Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque 
I’ll start off with one of my favourite beauty launches from the month and it’s from Dermalogica. Anyone who has been following me for a little while will know it’s one of my favourite brands for skincare especially when it comes to treatments. This mask is an unique products before it’s charcoal based but isn’t harsh and does exactly what it claims to on the packaging. With sulphur, bamboo stem extract, lactic acid and more the formulation is purifies the skin but also exfoliates. I really enjoy the formulation because it’s so gentle and easy to removal but really does help with drawing out any excess oil and your skin just looks glowing after use – amazing! Cannot rave about it enough.

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick Range 
I don’t want to be a debbie downer but these aren’t MY favourite but they are an awesome lipstick formulation. You’ve probably seen them everywhere lately as Rimmel have really pushed the line but it’s a moisturising formula with a fab range of colours. They’re comfortable, pigmented but do require touching up throughout the day which is expected with such a moisturising formulation so that’s not the issue. For me the issue is the way the lipstick is shape in the packaging. I prefer when lipsticks come to a point, particularly with deeper brighter shades, and it’s been a bit of a pain applying the brights to my uneven lips. It’s not a make or break but it is something to keep in mind if you’re considering purchasing a brighter colour and don’t like to fuss about with lip pencils. There are 12 shades available.

Braun Silk-Epil 9 
Let’s chat about hair removal for a second and I can honestly say that this epilator has changed my life. It’s a new edition to the Braun line up and prior to testing this out I hadn’t tried epilating at all. It has a wider head which makes it quicker to use and you can use this wet or dry with either of the two settings. I find this a dream for my sensitive skin and although it’s a little painful at first I wouldn’t go back to waxing at all. I’ll be doing a full post chatting about my experience with it and hair removal in the past but more on that soon. For now know this is an awesome product and if you’ve been eyeing it up it’s 100% worth the splurge.

Shanghai Suzy 90’s Lipstick Range
Now I’m writing this the Monday of last week (weird I know) and at this stage these only arrived TODAY and I’ve only swatched one BUT I wanted to let you know they’re out and the collection looks amazing. There are only 5 lipsticks in this collection with a range of matte, semi-matte, shimmer an nourish finishes so I’m keen to get trying them. You guys have been requesting a swatch post since they launched and it’ll be coming up very soon. In the meantime you can purchase a sample of any of the colours you’re interested in from Rouche Boutique which I think is genius!
Calvin Klein CK2
This is actually a bit of a revival by CK as it’s a newer version of something they released in the 90’s which I think is pretty cool. It’s an unisex scent and it’s very woody with the notes of wasabi, mandarin and sandalwood to name a few. I don’t mind it but I’m not in love with it. The bottle is a thick glass, very minimal, and can be displayed either way. I think it’s a good one if you’re looking for something that’s not too girly or one you want to share with your man.


MUK Head 20-in-1 Miracle Treatment
So this is another product I’ve only just received however I’ve used it for the past 3-4 days and so far it’s really great. It does have 20 claims which is pretty incredible however I find for my hair it helps detangle, smooth any fly aways and gives my hair lots of shine. There are plenty of products on the market like this and I honestly find them all pretty similar in what they do but what sets this one apart is how light the formulation is. I’ll keep you updated with how I go!

Maybelline Creamy Mattes Lipstick Range 
I’m a huge fan of Maybelline lipstick and these are the most delicious lip products they’ve released in so long. They’re formulated with honey and vitamin E which makes them so comfortable to wear and the colour range is really fantastic with 8 shades available. The one I’ve been wearing the most is Lust For Blush but they’re all so gorgeous! Full swatches and review will be up soon.


Elucent Anti-aging Day Moisturising
f you’re not a fan of feeling like you have products on your skin this is for you. Formulated with vitamin b3 and E not only is this a 50+ UVA and UVB product but it also helps the skin retain moisture and improve skin texture. I really enjoy this because it’s lightweight, a little goes a long way and it’s easy to mix with foundations if I want something light or is great alone. Another fab product addition to the Elucent line up.


Maybelline Color Blur by Lip Studio 
Another new release from Maybelline in terms of lips are the Color Blurs which are a lip pencil with a creamy formulation like a lipstick. The packaging feature a blurring ‘smudge’ that you’re meant to use to blur out the lip line however I just tend to use my finger or not do it at all. They have a matte finish, are pigmented and last well throughout the day. These also have 8 shades available and are great products from the brand. Again, I’ll do a swatch post very soon!


Bobbi Brown The Glow Long-Wear Gel Shadows
I don’t need to talk about these much because I did a full review on these here but I did want to update you because Bobbi Brown got in touch after I posted the review and sent me a brush to help apply the product. Although I think it’s amazing PR and I’m so grateful I don’t think you should have to purchase a brush to go along with the product. In saying that if you have a small, dense eyeshadow brush you’re happy to use then the product does apply fine with it.


L’oreal Colour Riche La Palette Nude 
Finally the affordable palette from L’oreal have landed and they’re actually pretty impressive. I do think an eyeshadow primer is required for even application but they’re a great affordable palette. It comes in two colour ways and both palettes have a mixture of matte, shimmer and satin finishes. If you’re wanting to play with eyeshadow but not spend up big these are for you!


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Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts?



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    I am super excited to try the new Maybelline Mattes and I totally agree about the Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks – the shape of the bullet is awkward, I adore the formula but application is a hot mess, and I have big lips, I cant image what those with thin lips would do. x
    Beauty Wanderer

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    So many great releases, I have been loving the Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks but the shape of the lipstick is very awkward I wish they would have just gone for a normal tapered shape haha I have just ordered one of the Maybelline Color Blur’s so I am looking forward to trying it out when it arrives :)

    Nicole xx | http://www.nicolesbeautybabble.com

  5. 9

    Super interested in seeing how the L’Oreal palette performs. I’ve seen it in my local drugstores and I’m always so skeptical of purchasing it (I tend to have bad luck with drugstore eyeshadows). All that aside, I do think drugstore makeup is going through a resurgence right now. Such great, great releases lately!

    Vanesa | The Beauty Anecdote

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