Cleansing your face daily is a must and although chances are we’re all doing are we doing it properly?


Consider make up removal a whole step in itself
When you’re wearing make up your skin is covered with product so if you go right ahead with a product to ‘cleanse’ the skin straight on top it’s not going to do anything beneficial for your skin. It’s important to use your make up wipe, micellar waters or oil based removers prior to cleansing. This will ensure that you’re getting the bulk of product of the skin so when you do cleanse you’re not just smearing foundation around and hoping for the best.


Adapt the double cleansing method
Double cleansing changed my skin. It sounds dramatic but once I understood that getting all the days grime away and then using a great quality cleanser like the Philosophy Purity Cleanser your skin improves. Every impurity from the day is gone and the products you pop on before bed just absorb and work so much better. I generally use a cleansing balm to help remove the leftover of make up (after of course removing the bulk of it with a micellar water) and then follow up with with Purity Cleanser to get into the pores giving them a good cleanse.


Try out a cleansing device
These aren’t for everyone and it’s worth doing your research before taking the plunge as they are an expensive item. For someone (like me) who has combination, congested skin the Foreo Luna Cleansing Device really get down into the skin and helps to deeply cleanse whilst also providing a exfoliation element as well. I find my skin is left feeling really clean, soft and smooth when I use it so I do recommend them however it’s worth looking into lots of reviews before buying! If you’re wondering I probably use mine 3-4 times a week.


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How do you prefer to cleanse your face?


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    Yes! I always use micellar water to remove make-up, and then double cleanse. My face just doesn’t feel clean otherwise!! I don’t understand how people can just use a makeup wipe and be done with it. I love the sound of the Foreo Luna, I’m so tempted to order one, it sounds like it would suit my skin perfectly!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

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      Same! Even if I only cleanse once it just doesn’t feel right. Cannot recommend the Foreo Luna enough it’s really amazing xx

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    I actually find the process of removing my makeup really relaxing, so I take my time! I agree that double cleansing is key, and while I don’t use a cleansing device I do use a warm muslin cloth and I think that makes a big difference as well.


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