Most of you will know I’m loyal to my Simba Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow palette and have been for years however recently we’ve seen the rise of the eyeshadows available in the lower price range making me a happy gal. Here is a chat about a few newbies that have released over the past few months.


I’m going to come out and say my least favourite is the Maybelline Blushing Nudes palette for no reason other then I find it the least wearable for me personally. The quality of the shadows isn’t horrible and for a budget option if you’re dabbling in different shades it’s a really good one. There isn’t any completely matte shades which is a little disappointing – I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more of a combination of finishes however for the price point it is really fantastic.


Maxfactor have also bought out their Masterpiece Nude Palette Contouring Eyeshadows which consists of 8 shades. I was very happy to see that they’ve included a matte cream and a matte light brown that is dreamy for blending through the crease. Although it’s smaller with less shades I find myself reaching for this one a little more because it’s the type of colours I like to wear. In terms of the eyeshadow quality they are a bit hit and miss with some being amazing and others taking a little longer to build up. Overall if I had of purchased this I would be happy.


The last newbie is my favourite and it’s from The Body Shop and is called the ‘Down To Earth Palette’. Like the MAxfactor option it also contains 8 shades with two mattes being a cream and light brow. I like the shades in this palette even more as there is a mix of warmer and cool shades making it easy to create a wide variety of looks. The quality of the shadows is also my pick from the bunch with each being soft, smooth and blendable. Although this is the first The Body Shop palette I’ve tried in a long time I definitely will be looking at their make up more!


Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts?


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    i actually haven’t tried any of these eyeshadow palettes but i really like the shades in all of them! if i were to pick one up i would personally choose the body shop one as I really love the mix of colours!

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    I tend to find my biggest issue with drugstore eyeshadow palettes that they never include enough mattes because I need several mattes to create the kind of eyeshadow look I like, but I have heard those Max Factor ones are good quality. I also didn’t realise the Body Shop were doing makeup because I always think of them as just having bath/body/skincare products and a few other bits and pieces but that’s cool they’re branching out.


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      I agree! It’s nice to some matte options in there and hopefully the quality improves over time. TBS make up is really great. I particularly like the eyeshadows and base products :)

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