For the longest time I’ve just gone wherever it was easiest to get my eyebrows waxed. Whether it was a local salon or a brow bar it didn’t really matter to me until recently.


I had a bad experience and when I say bad it was bad. I had booked an appointment at a local boutique and thought nothing of it. I was unhappy where I’d gone the time before after discovering stray hairs under both eyebrows straight from my appointment. So what did I have to loose? Upon arriving the lady greeted me and took me to the tiny room where I laid down expressing that I only wanted a tidy up and not to take much off because I liked my eyebrows thick. It all seemed to be going well until I closed my eyes and heard chewing, then when the lady reached over me I smelt Dorittos on her breath. Now I’m not one too judge but instantly I was in a panic because this was sloppy, she was eating on the job and this was not okay in my eyes. I mean eat between clients sure but we’ll you have someone on the bed. Not. Okay. I digress because it’s really not relevant. Once all was done and I spotted my eyebrows in the mirror I instantly knew the appointment was a mistake. I had half the eyebrows I had walked in with. Fuck.


This was probably in June and I was super gutted because my eyebrows have always been really full and voluminous. Until October I didn’t make another appointment because I was frightened that I’d be left with no brows and with the wedding next year I felt the pressure. A friend recommended another local salon and of course I booked in and held my breath hoping for the best. Luckily this lady was amazing and I was so happy with the end result. My first appointment was a brow consultation and this is the appointment every single person should do for themselves even if you plan on doing your brows at home in the future. My lady took me through where my brows should start, end and where the arch should be talking me through where abouts there has been too much taken off and an action plan on how we are going to make it all better again. It was dreamy and something I didn’t even know I needed. That appointment was empowering and allowed me to be armed with the knowledge of how my brows should look so that they’ll best frame my face.


If you’ve never had a brow consultation it’s something I really recommend and believe is worth the money. My particular one was $50 which included a wax, tint, guide about my brows and how to fill them in. It gives you the confidence to know what you’re looking for with your brows.


Have you ever had a bad brow experience?

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    That is fantastic. I don’t get my eyebrows done because like my hair I pretty much get upset every time after I get them done! I’ve only had my eyebrows “professionally” done THREE times in my whole life & every time was a bad time. So I just do them myself now. They aren’t “on point” but whatever, they aren’t horrible!
    But if I had an experience like you had I would definitly consider getting them done regularly!

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    Oh you poor thing! I’m lucky that my brow hairs hardly ever grow but I do remember going somewhere once to get them threaded and they removed the entire amount of growth it had taken me a whole year to grow! I was horrified and promised myself I would never get threading done again haha!!

    Bec | Beauty With Bec

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