It really has been a strange week for me.


For the first time in a long time I felt anxious, panicky and not myself. I’m a fairly open and honest person IRL as well as online and it’s been weird to deal with. People say the period of your life when you get married is your happiest and I totally agree but for some reason I felt this wave of being super down. I even said to Isaac that I feel guilty about feeling it BECAUSE my life is so ace. I’ve never really spoken about anxiety online because when I started up my blog it was a shitty period but it was on the tail-end of that bad period of my life so I never really felt as though I needed too talk about it. Plus there is the whole blogger-anxiety-for-attention-thing.


Now it’s a weird one.


I had a mild panic attack in the shower (where most of my past panic attacks have occurred in the past) this weekend after a week of feeling really off. I’m okay but it’s that feeling of the guilt I just can’t seem to stomach. I am happy. I have a great life and have had the most amazing start to 2017 ever. BUT this has happened. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s one of those I really don’t think alot of people will get because ‘oh my god your life is great you just got married, honeymooned and have been having so much fun’ but these things don’t really take into consideration how fucking awesome you’re doing do they?


I’ve heard some people get the post wedding blues because they’re not planning or focusing on the day anymore. Hmmm I don’t think that’s me because I’m still in loved up dreamland. Why miss it? I cherish it and feel excited that it has been and gone. I’ve put it down to lack of a routine and being organised – something I thrive off. Since being back from all that fun stuff I’ve been in emergency with my fucked up hand, had two weddings that meant travelling away and then this week I had the worst UTI of my life. For those who have ever had a UTI will feel me when I say all I want is for my vajay to stop burning. It’s been hell made even worse by a doctor giving me the incorrect meds. Ugh. Hopefully now I’m on the right thing I’ll be okay.


You may have noticed I didn’t post on here this week and haven’t been around much on social media and this is why. It’s been a strange week of dealing with emotions I haven’t felt in years. I know I’ll be okay though. I know it’ll pass and once our lives settle back down I will feel alot better. I also feel super proud because this time around instead of freaking out in my head for months on end I have reached out to Isaac.


I don’t need a pity party about what has happened but I did feel like I wanted to share this with all of you awesome peeps because we shouldn’t feel guilty for feeling out of sorts or having bouts of shitty times regardless of where we are at with our lives. We will all be okay.



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    As an anxiety sufferer who has spoken about it over at my blog (not for attention-seeking purposes, I just felt I had to get it out after alluding to it previously), I understand what it’s like to have one little thing spark a downward spiral. I always remind myself that “this too shall pass” when I’m in these spirals (which have been happening more often than not this year). I don’t always talk about it with loved ones, but I know I feel better when I express it in a healthy way. It really is a load off your over-taxed mind.

    I think the judgement of others doesn’t help either – it’s usually the ones who appear to have everything who are actually suffering & need help the most. Less judgement, more understanding people!

    Shell // The Novice Life

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      Couldn’t agree more Shell and I think the world is slowly becoming more aware about mental health issues such as anxiety. I’m sorry you’ve experienced it too but I’m glad you’re also open about it because nobody should suffer in silence x

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    You’ve written about this so well Sarah and articulated how I sometimes feel but can’t quite put into words. Sounds like you’ve been pretty busy though and also been unwell so maybe some time to relax and practice some self-care is in order. Hope you’re feeling better soon x


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    People that say bloggers (or anyone for that matter) talk about their anxiety for attention is something that irritates the crap out of me, why on earth would anyone pretend to have anxiety? Anxiety is horrendous. I’ve had a few anxiety issues while in the shower as well oddly enough (of all the places?!) and something that’s helped has been playing music while I shower and also turning down the water temperature a bit :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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      I know!! I hate when people say it as well. I feel less weird that you also have issues in the shower. I’ve taken up your tip of turning the temp down (despite it being freezing in Bendigo) and it seems to be helping!

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    Thanks for sharing! I had similar emotions soon after I got engaged. Its so foreign to feel so down when everything is so good in life. That’s the funny thing about emotions, sometimes you just can’t control them x

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