It’s been a while since I reviewed a beauty subscription service and I cut ties with most I had a relationship with monthly because I wasn’t enjoying them. I first spotted Maslow & Co popping up over on Youtube and did catch my eye so when I got the opportunity to try one of their boxes I was so ecstatic!


Maslow & Co is a bi-monthly beauty subscription service that starts at about $58 depending on what kind of subscription you opt for. Every two months you receive a collection of beauty products from a particular region in the world so you’re more likely to get brands that you’ve never tried or heard of which is a characteristic I really enjoy about Maslow & Co. This months theme was French beauty and I was secretly so excited as I’m a big lover of french pharmacy brands.


What was included:

1. Bioderma Sensibio H2O (Micellar Water). Deluxe Travel Size 100ml, $20.99
Tried and loved this product before – SO happy to have a travel size because it’s mini, cute and will be great for weekends away.


2. Nuxe Nuxellence Éclat Serum. Deluxe Travel Size 15ml, $19.50
I love that this is designed to give your skin a real glow because it’s winter! When I sorted through all the products after initially opening the box I really love how they’ve curated products from the brands that fit the theme but they’ve also catered to the time of year that the box will be released. I cannot wait to try this as my morning serum as I haven’t got a morning serum at the moment.


3. Nominoë Radiant Hydration Night Mask. Full size 40ml, $45
This was one of the brands I’d never heard of and the product sounds really interesting! This is a mask-balm hybrid product so it sounds like you can either use it as a radiance mask for 10 minutes or you can leave it on all night for a big boost of hydration. Cannot wait to try as I’m a sucker for masks!


4. Laboratoires Surface-Paris Bright Now Gentle Exfoliating Clarifying Soap. Full-Size 150g, $21.95
I originally thought that this was just a typical bar of soap however when I read the details on this it’s actually designed to be exfoliating! It’s a totally unique concept that I’m very keen to see how it goes as I get really dry flaky skin on my arms and chest.


5. La Roche-Posay LIPIKAR Cleansing Oil. Deluxe Travel Size 100ml, $12.95
I thought this was a cleansing oil for the face when I first spotted it but it’s actually a body cleanser. I love these type of oil washes at this time of year because my skin is extremely dry. I love the LRP range and this is designed for sensitive skin which I definitely have right now so this is a product if I enjoy, despite the price for a body wash, I will repurchase. I can imagine this will be so amazing for shaving with too!


6. Institut Karite Paris Macaron Hand Soap. Petite Shea Soap $7
As I said I’m not a huge bar of soap fan so this will one will be passed onto someone else.


7. Institut Karite Paris Lavender & Shea Hand Cream Deluxe Travel Size 30ml, $14
I don’t love Lavender but I will give this a try for the formulation and see how it goes!


8. Maven Gift – Apsu Travel Candles. Travel size, $19.00
This is an exclusive inclusion for their Maven members however it’s a gorgeous travel size candle. Mine is the Heaven Scent which smells incredible! I’m excited to burn this one!

Overall I’m super impressed with the generous sizes of samples and the variety of products included in the French beauty edit. If I paid for it I would be stoked because everything is a size where you are able to try and get a good idea if it’s something you love. I also cannot rave about the attention to detail when it comes to the type of product included – this box is perfect for winter!


This box is sold out HOWEVER if you subscribe to a bimonthly beauty box in June you will receive two products from this edit (the mini Bioderma and the Nuxe Serum) which have a total of $42. All you need to do is use my code ADORED at the checkout :)


For more info or to subscribe just head to Maslow & Co

What do you think of this box?


*products in this post may have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information please view our disclaimer.

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  1. 1

    I saw this box and it looks great for the price! I also like that it’s bi-monthly because sometimes monthly boxes can get a bit meh. I personally won’t be getting one though, because a lot of those products are tested on animals. :( Maybe they’ll do one I can have in the future!

    Kate |

    • 2

      I didn’t even realise that Kate! I need to pick your brain about where to check brands are cruelty-free as I’m slowly phasing out products I know are tested on animals from my current routines but I need a list xD

      • 3

        It can be SO CONFUSING, especially when brands tiptoe around issues and say things like “they don’t support animal testing” or “they only test on animals when required by law”. Cruelty Free Kitty is an amazing website and they stay on top of changes when brands decide to sell to China or are bought out by a larger company that do test on animals

  2. 5
  3. 7

    I probably wouldn’t be the type of person to spend $58 on a box of products I don’t really need. BUT it’s so fun getting these kinds of things. It’s like christmas! And these products look so good! Going to check out that nuxe serum for sure!

  4. 9
  5. 11

    I’m not typically that into subscription boxes but a french pharmacy themed one is definitely more to my tastes! That LRP body cleansing oil sounds awesome, particularly because there don’t seem to be many on the market. I love the L’Occitane one but it’s not cheap for a body wash, so I’d love to hear how the LRP one works out for you.

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