As most of you will know by now we’ve moved house and that means I’m finally able to set up a MTA office (yay) so no mean blogging from the kitchen bench. My back is excited and so am I because it means I can create any sort of space I want.

I’m thinking of having some peg board for hanging things, decor but also for backgrounds in photos so expect that to be making an appearance in 2015. I aboustely love how creative they’ve gotten by hanging shelves, greenery and art in this particular photo. I do think I’ll be keeping it much more simply but it’s made me rethink to what scale I use peg board in the new space.

One thing I’m definitely set on in making two work stations and having a long bench along one of the walls in the room. The room itself is quiet large so I really want to take advantage and utilise all of the space like they have with the super long bench here. Instead of two computers set up, I don’t even own a desktop computer, I’m going to have one as my work station and the other set up as a photography station.

Another idea I’m toying with is some sort of wire grid for decoration. As I said the room is quiet large with tall walls so I feel like I have alot of room to fill. I’m considering reserving the pegboard for interchangeable backgrounds for photography and then having the grid for a more permanent decoration with inspirational quotes etc. I love the way these guys have also incorporated some lanterns as well so I’ve already added that to my list of things to buy!

The last concept I really need to think about is the storage I already have my make up storage and dresser in the room but I’m going to need some sort of shelving unit and/or drawers for documents, tax receipts etc. This is where I’m a little suck. I don’t want to overwhelm the room with too many big objects but at the same time the space needs to be practical and functional. Obviously it’s a rental so we can’t attach anything to the walls so I’m considering buying a small drawer set for underneath the desk unit.

Do you have any ideas for the MTA office?

Original photos by: Fabric Paper Glue, A Beautiful Mess, Ultralink, My Paradissi 

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    This makes me excited to move in September and hopefully be able to design an office space! You have really good ideas. x :)

    Sierra | lovelygatekeeper.blogspot.com

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      How cute is it? I can’t wait to start focusing on the small things like wall decor.. Need to get furniture first though :P

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