If there is something I’ve taken a long time to master it’s the at home manicure. After months of trialling products, reading various blog posts and making many mistakes, I’ve finally found an awesome routine that is easy and works.

Want to know some amazing nail polish formulas to use for your mani? Check out this post! 

I never used to understand buffing or base coats but it’s all about prepping the nail and creating a super smooth base for nail polish to adhere too. First you want to take a Sapphire File like this one from Sally Hansen and shape your nails to your preference. Sapphire Files are just generally better for your nails and won’t cause them to spilt as easily. Make sure to file is only one direction as well to prevent damage. If you find your cuticles are growing up your nails then you may have to use a cuticle pusher like the Sally Hansen 18K Gold one. This is loaded with cuticle cream to help soften the beds that you can release by just squeezing the tube – amazing! Next take a Smoothing Block (I get mine from eBay) and go through the four steps. Follow this by applying your favourite base coat, I’m really enjoying the Sally Hansen 18K Gold Basecoat because it dries quickly and leaves a really smooth surface behind.

I’ve linked a recent post where I take you through some awesome nail polish formulas but now it’s time to paint your nails with your desired colour. I think it’s important to always do really thin layers rather then one thick one. The less thickness to the polish the less likely it’ll chip so take your time!

Step 3: TOP COAT
Again I’m really enjoying Sally Hansen for top coats and the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Top Coat is fantastic at helping the nails dry. My favourite top coat for longevity is the one from Sally Hansen that comes in the gel packs (not pictured) but honestly I like the brand does some really fantastic top coats across the board so I don’t think you can go wrong. A top coat will change your world if you have never used them before. They prolong the wear and give the nails a gorgeous sheen.

It’s super important to still maintain and care for your nails whether you have nail polish on or not. I really love using a cuticle oil or balm. The Color Theory Cuticle Oil is a fantastic affordable option but you can use this one from Burts Bees or even just some good old coconut oil. This will keep your nail beds moisturised and prevent splitting. Also make sure you give your nails a break from a manicure, I go by the 2 weeks one 1 week off rule which works well.

What are your top tips for an at home manicure?

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    I was literally thinking about how to do all this stuff two days ago as my cuticles are shocking!! Thanks for all the advice! :D xx

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