Every girl needs a good concealer period. Whether it’s to cover dark circles, blemishes or redness it’s one of the those reliable products that’ll get you out of a pinch. The Laura Mercier Secret Concealer is definitely one to consider.

The Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer comes in very compact packaging that is decided into two pans. One holds the concealer that matches your skin colour and the other holds a salmon coloured concealer that’ll cancel out any blues that appear under your eyes (better know has dark circles). Complete with a handy mirror it’s on-the-go friendly perfect for the make up bag.

The products itself cops alot of flack because of the formulation. When we they say camouflage they’re not joking! This is designed it be a high cover, long-lasting product so forget creamy textures that slip and slide. Instead it’s fairly dry and does take some warming up with your finger to get the product transferring smoothly from pan to skin. Don’t be put off by this! It’s going to cover everything but it does take a little more TLC and work but it’s so worth it. I recommend only using this product with your fingers initially and then blending with a brush if you need.

Once you discover that knack of applying and blending it in it’ll win your heart. The long-wearing formulation gives you the security that all your imperfections are blurred and the confidence that you don’t need to check the mirror every couple of hours. It’s an expensive product coming in at $49 but the amount per use and quality of the product is faultless makes it a worthy investment.

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Have you tried the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage? What did you think?

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    Will you need to moisturise/prime the under eye area if it’s dry there before applying this concealer? I love products/packaging with give you multiple products!

    xx Kat @ Katness

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      Yes definitely! I always make sure I moisturise really well under the eyes and then use a TINY amount of the product under the eyes concentrating when the darkness is in the inner corner rather then sweeping it out. Then I go in with a brightening concealer under the whole eye… If that makes sense? It’s not the type of salmon concealer you can just whack under the whole area because it will cake. x

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      It’s amazing for pin-point concealing! It’s so worth the price.. It’s actually cheaper then what I remember? I swear I paid $50+ but anyways regardless it’s a gooden’

  4. 7

    After falling in love with the LM Tinted Moisturiser I defiantly want to invest in more of their products. I love the sound of this concealer and have read a few rave reviews, so defiantly something I want to try in the future.

    • 8

      I’ve only tried one LM base product I haven’t fallen in love with and that was the Oil Free Supreme Foundation (just not suited for me as I have dry patches as well as an oily T-zone). I recommend this concealer, silk creme foundation, radiance primer and the regular one too and the new foundation in the black packaging. Seriously girl you can’t really go wrong! xx

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    I’ve not tried this Laura Mercier concealer, but I find the “drier” ones do cover a lot better. They are a bit of extra work, but worth it. I will def try this one once I run out of my current. I am testing a LM foundation right now, and loving it so far!

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    Full coverage concealers are my favorite!! Love the packaging and the fact it’s a fairly dry formula meaning it won’t slide on through out the day! It is indeed pretty expensive for a concealer but who knows in the future I’ll give it a try :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

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