Finding a cleanser that works for your skin can be difficult. I still haven’t found one cleanser I feel like is ‘the one’ but these four are some great options that I think will suit most skin types.

1. Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser with Thyme
Now before I start talking you through this bad boy unfortunately it did breakout me out. Why am I including something that broke me out? Because it’s still a fantastic product that just didn’t work for me personally. It has absolutely amazing soothing ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber that will really help soothe the skin. It does contain thyme, which is the ingredient that didn’t agree with me, which is a natural anti-bacterial ingredient to help minimise breakouts and oil. I think this is a staple for anyone who does suffer breakouts whether it be hormonal or acne because it’s deep cleaning without being harsh or drying.
Suitable for: normal, combination and oily for sure. If you have dry skin but still breakout it’d be great to use alternatively with another more rich cleanser.
Not the best for: sensitive skin types

2. Kosmea Purifying Cream Cleanser
This has to be one of my favourite cleansers of all time because it’s such a universal product. It’s a cream consistency but somehow it still manages to give you a really deep cleanse. It’s very gentle and contains avocado oil to replenish with some witch hazel to keep everything balanced. I’ve been through a tube of this before and I never felt like I had to switch between cleansers when I had different skin concerns because this does it all. Great for if you want one awesome cleanser and not faff around with other cleansers.
Suitable for: every skin type

3. 100% Pure Jasmine & Green Tea Cleanser
Although this claims to be for normal to dry skin this is one everyone can use. It’s a foaming cleanser which may freak some of you out – I was certain that it would be very harsh! When I first used it I couldn’t believe just how amazing it was. If you enjoy the sensation of a foaming cleanser but don’t want that tight horrible feeling this is for you. I’ve never tried a foam that leaves my skin feeling so hydrated like this one! It’s 100% natural and vegan friendly too.
Suitable for: dry, normal, combination, oily skins
Not the best for: if you have sensitive towards essential oils be wary!

4. QV Gentle Cleanser
This is one everyone needs to have in their bathroom. If I ever have a really bad skin problem that I have no idea what to do I pull this out. It’s soap free, enriched with vitamin E, pH balanced and never strips the skin at all. It leaves the skin on your face feeling soothed, fresh and so soft. If you find your skin unmanageable from time to time I really recommend this.
Suitable for: everyone!

What are your favourite cleansers?

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    These sound lovely. I find that I switch my skincare up so regularly nowadays to suit my ever changing skin type. Great recommendations x


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