If there is a book that been all over the media it’s ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’ by Lena Dunham. The creator and star of HBO series ‘Girls’ and all around incredible lady writes of journey through life so far… And it’s an interesting ride.

Dunham is known for being outspoken. Undoubtably Lena is very talented at what she does and an excellent storyteller but I just didn’t really relate to Dunham and her life very much. The collection of personal essays is written in a very honest way which I have to commend Lena for (however as I say later on, I question the validity in some of the recounts). Dunham speaks of crushes as a teenage, being a curious child and even speaks of her writing and creative process. A common theme through the whole book though is Dunham’s constant feeling of isolation, desperation and anxiety. I really did loved the way she spoke about a whole range of topics like relationships and sex, fearing death, body image and her struggles with finding a career path. Even though I didn’t share the same views or relate to her thoughts, I did enjoy reading about someone else’s perspective for a little while.

Lena speaks of her sexual curiosity that she experienced from as young as seven. If you read any sort of social media then you probably caught wind of the controversy surrounding her and her sister’s childhood. I pushed all of that too the back of my mind whilst reading but it was hard as I knew what was coming. Honestly, there were a few of her personal stories I found cringe-worthy and a few dry jokes I couldn’t get past.

Not because of the age or reading about the sexually awkward encounters and experiences but because I personally never experienced anything like that growing up. And no I’m not a prude. I do believe we are all sexual beings and when we first discover our sexuality we don’t know where the boundaries are or what’s appropriate and not. I also think that the recounts in the book may be a little exaggerated by Dunham for the sake of a better story (or due to her writing based off a 7 year olds memory) but regardless I found it uncomfortable to read. I can’t put a finger on what it is that makes me more uneasy – the way the recount is told or whether I’m truly offended by the actions of the seven year old.

Aside from all that, I found the book fairly hard too get through. Am I only the one? I feel like most people who have read the book have enjoyed it. The personal essay structure of the book just didn’t appeal to me and I found it very hard to follow as there wasn’t a clear storyline  but more so a collection of personal essays. As I said earlier, I just didn’t relate to Lena’s experiences. I appreciated delving into someone else’s mind for a little while but in instance it was uncomfortable and cringe-worthy.

Have you read this book? What did you think about it?

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  1. 1

    I got given this book as a birthday gift last year and I totally understand how it was hard to follow. Some parts I understood and could relate to my life now and other parts made me laugh but it was so interesting to hear someone else’s point of view! xx

    Bethany |

    • 2

      Oh I’m glad I’m not the only one. I feel like I need to read it again just so I can grasp everything that happened!

  2. 3

    I’ve never read it but I’ve heard great things about the book. I’m like you though, I probably couldn’t relate to most of the experiences and themes in the book.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  3. 5

    There’s something about Lena I can’t stand. Tried watching Girls, despised her guest role/storyline on Scandal (felt contrived), and everytime I see her making a red carpet appearance on TV I want to wipe that smug, wide eyed toothy grin off her face.

    I don’t mean to hate on her, but she makes my skin crawl. And another thing, I’m so not a prude – I don’t mind other women celebrating their bodies, but it’s time for Lena to keep her clothes on. I get it already.

    I’ll happily re-read books by the likes of Amy, Tina, and Mindy. Thankyouverymuch.

    • 6

      I’ve just ordered Mindy’s book today so I’ll be reading that one next. I actually really enjoyed Girls however the book has left a bit of a foul taste in my mouth (is that the saying lol)… Now every time I see something with Lena I kind of cringe. I appreciate what she’s trying to do but I don’t think she’s THAT amazing like everyone makes her out to be… I don’t know. I feel super disappointed after reading this one – keen to start Mindy’s book now :)

      • 7

        Hey Sarah, I also think there are probably a few more external factors that we’ll ever be made privy to. Prior to the book’s release, I bet some middle-aged male editor was egging Lena on to go deeper and darker or perhaps even fabricate/alter some of her childhood memories. Plus there’s having to live up to the hype, but at what length is someone willing to go before risking their integrity and self-respect? And yes, foul, sour, bad — they all work:)

        On a ligher note Mindy’s book is a breath of fresh air. Her self-deprecating humour and drive makes Mindy extremely relatable. I’m just so darn happy for her success and love that she too grew up near Boston. We’ll have to compare notes once you’ve finished it.

        • 8

          Oh that’s so true isn’t it? Plus the fact Lena came from money yet seems to complain constantly just bugs me. I know money does equate to happiness but her childhood was comfortable – alot more comfortable then the average girl! Ugh.

          Anyway! I’ll definitely let you know how I find Mindy’s book :) you’ve made me extremely excited for it to arrive. Xx

  4. 9

    I’m the same with you on that it’s hard to get through. I have yet to finish the book. In the beginning, I didn’t mind it but slowly I just wasn’t really immerse in the book.


    Yours Truly, NY

  5. 10

    I just could not get into the book, I read it on a Kindle so I just ended up deleting the book. Thought I’d go back to it later on & try it again but haven’t yet gotten around to it. A shame really because so many people were raving on about what a great book it was.


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