If there is two things most people love it’s getting anything at a discounted price and eating out at your favourite restaurant. Well a fancy new app allows you to do both and let me tell you it’s pretty darn nifty.

Typically I’m one of those people who does everything via phone call and hasn’t really gotten up with the times when it comes to making appointments or reservations online until recently. My hairdresser was the first in my book to allow me to book 24/7 in the comfort of my warm bed so when I heard Yumtable allowed me to do the same for dinner reservations AND possibly receive a discount I was all about it.

The app uses your current location to list restaurants in the area along with any of their current discount programs – some can be up to $40 off your total bill! Not every restaurant will offer a discount all the time but it’s worth checking back because often some will do flash sales with hefty discounts.

Another feature I loved is the ability to view the menu in the app without getting redirected to every single different site. As I’m lactose intolerant I have to look at the menu before booking reservations and Yumtable makes it easy to swiftly jump around from each menu with ease. It also makes you open to trying places you may not have considered before because it’s easy to scan through a list looking at different places features, menus and opening hours etc. The app will even make suggestions to similar places near you if you have a particular cuisine you’re after.

Overall Yumtable has made my life a lot easier as we’re able to book ahead online, scan through all the different restaurants and menus in our own time. It’s the perfect app for anyone who wants to try new places around or if you’re away for the weekend and unsure where to go for dinner.. And hey you may even end up eating for less just because you booked via the app – win!

App is available from free via iTunes

What’s your favourite app of the moment?

*we were provided with a voucher to experience the app for ourselves however we weren’t asked to write about it and this is not a sponsored post. I was super impressed with the app and knew you guys would be interested too :)

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