Incase you missed it – Isaac and I have both gone vegetarian (post explaining why here). Today I thought I’d share with you some things I’ve learnt over the past month about myself, food and being vegetarian.


It’s not all ‘rabbit food’
I have a particular close friend who lives off spaghetti and when we told him we had gone vegetarian he scoffed calling us ‘rabbits’. Trust me we eat far from rabbit food. There are so many amazing foods we’ve discovered or rediscovered because we need to eat a variety to get our nutrients. Root vegetables, haloumi, mushrooms, english spinach and so many more amazing foods have changed our everyday diets. I have to say buckwheat and quinoa are easily my favourite foods now too!


The local fruit and vegetable shop is AMAZING
Although we already shopped at our local cash-only fruit/vege shop it’s just reiterated the fact that the quality and price of fruit and vege from there is so much better than the local supermarkets. Everything is so fresh and lasts so much better! Most of the time we can get everything we need there but sometimes we do have to pick up strawberries or other fresh foods from the supermarket because they don’t have any stock. Loads of people assume we’d be saving money but I feel like it’s just balanced out nicely with the increase of fresh vege instead of meats.. But maybe we are?


There is so much to learn about food
I feel like now I’m much more aware of my diet and I’m obsessed with learning about food (not in an unhealthy way but just in an I’m interested and excited way). It’s funny how the change has made me excited to try new things and even more keen to learn about flavour combinations and nutrients.


Almost anything can be made interesting with spices
Our spice collection has doubled (at least) since going vegetarian and I love it. Everything is so much more tasty and interesting when you add some cumin or chilli!


People will ask you ‘why’ and expect you to justify your choice
I had someone tweet me asking how my parents took the news and my parents were fine – my Mum was vegetarian for about 4-5 years when I was growing up so I always knew they wouldn’t mind. Everyone else is a different story. People expect you to justify it, laugh at you asking how long it’ll last for, give you weird looks and question you. Everyone has their own reason as to why they eat like they do. I still get caught off by people who are stand-offish about it all…


Not everyone will understand and they’ll still try to tell you what to do
Some people just flat-out don’t get why you’d want to be vegetarian and then there are the ones who really love to give you advice. ‘Oh you’ll have to go on iron tablets then’ is my personal fave…. Of course we appreciate advice however sometimes people get a little preachy.


You can’t expect to be catered too because most places only have one vegetarian option
A number of my favourite local restaurants only have one vegetarian option on their main menu. I have to say I was pretty disappointed but it’s something I’ve gotten used too. We’ve found a number of local vegetarian/vegan places which is awesome!


You can really go without meat and still be satisfied
It IS possible and I feel so much better without eating meat.



Are you vegetarian? What are some of the things you’ve learnt?


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Photo above is from one of my favourite recipes from Oh She Glows website – delicious! 

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  1. 1

    Whenever I do a veggie week what strikes me most is how much energy I have! I can’t sit still, I pretty much work nonstop! That and helping the planet/animals are my favourite reasons for attempting vegetarianism. Good job for sticking through an entire month so far!

    Nabihah | The Sunday Wardrobe

  2. 3

    The rabbit comment! Oh, if I had a dime for every time I copped that one, I just laugh at this point. This is all so true though, plus the creative recipes you’re on the lookout for and get to try, that’s the fun part. I really want a great veggie cookbook for this reason!


    • 4

      I know right?! It’s crazy and honestly so annoying.. Or how you get all the nutrients you need from vegetables… Like what?!

  3. 5

    I think a lot of people judge because they are trying to justify their own eating habits and are making excuses as to their lack of willpower.
    I would love to see some vegetarian recipes from you. I have a really hard time trying to eat healthy because I am very fussy and don’t like a lot of the foods. I can’t stand quinoa and lentils and beans and all of those things. I just don’t like the taste of them.
    I’m not a vegetarian but I once tried to cut out processed foods and a lot of the recipes I tried I hated. Like making chocolate with avocado and cocoa. Just no.
    Id love to read maybe “a day in the life” of a vegetarian. So we can see what things you eat in a day!!!

    • 6

      VERY true! I’ve got a vegetarian recipe from Isaac coming Thursday and I’ve also shot 1 what I eat in a day and then planning to do 1-2 more before the end of the year… Hopefully that helps. I have to admit we eat alot of chickpeas, lentils and quinoa but there are plenty of recipes that don’t easy any of those so I’ll try to include some of those as well :)

  4. 7

    As someone as already said I’d love to see some recipes, I’d love to be able to look here for food options instead of going to food blogs because some of the vegetarian/vegan food blogs are actually really complicated and take consuming. As someone who is vegan it really shocks people when I have to tell them (I don’t usually just outright tell people, they usually find out when they offer me some of their food), my mum was even confused I had to say “you’ll have to see what I eat when I come home, it’s too hard to explain over the phone.” Haha. I can imagine it would be the same for someone who is vegetarian.

    • 8

      I definitely agree on that Taylor! Online some of the recipes are ridiculously long and complicated. Haha yep it’s a bit the same.. I just wish people would understand you can get the same nutrients (and better) without eating meat!

  5. 9

    I love how people always love to give opinions on eating habits, it’s so silly. I love eating vegetarian options and also love meat. When I order a vegetarian pizza, people say “Oh, are you vegetarian?” Nope, but eggplant on pizza is heaven.

    Kate | themintedblog.com // more.themintedblog.com

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