If there is something I’m in love with since going vegetarian it’s sweet potato! I love, love, love using it in so many different ways. Here are four of my favourite recipes that are super easy and delicious!


Sweet Potato, Sprout & Beet Salad
When I’m writing this I had it for dinner just last night! I absolutely love the freshness of the brussels and then the sweetness from the beetroots. If you’re time poor just used canned baby beets in place of the fresh ones!


Black Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos
Oh my god. These are delicious. I love black beans and this mix is so good. I just realised the recipe is no longer available on the website however it’s super easy – just a can of crush tomatoes, black beans, sweet potato, chilli and cayenne pepper and you’re done. Alot of people recommend making your own shells but I have to admit the shells are my weakness. #tacolover


Sweet Potato & Zucchini Lasagna
f you’re looking for a super light version of the carb-tastic lasagna then this is the one to try. It’s super light and even the creamy sauce is made from natural yogurt and butter beans – so good!


Baked Sweet Potato with Tabbouleh
Such a classic but seriously delish!


What are some of your favourite delicious sweet potato recipes?

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    Sweet potato is my staple food😍Love love love it too, as its filling, tasty and isn’t a carb.. These are some great recipes, I would like to try the salad..yum…another one of my favourites I make is cubed sweet potatoes, baked, then add chopped cashews, dates, and chickpeas, heat all ingredients through in a pan, light fry is good and serve with a vinegarette and chopped parsley ..xx

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    I don’t really like sweet potato. Yeah, I’m super fussy. BUT I don’t mind it when its IN something like a salad because the taste isn’t overpowering.

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