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By now you will all know I’m a huge fan of budget lipstick-only brand Shanghai Suzy. The Melbourne based brand releases new collection seasonally, along with some smaller collections in between, with a micro-collection of on trend colours. As requested by so many here is a review on the latest line up!


This autumn/winter range boasts six neutral everyday colours. SIX! The nude lip trend is here to say and I have to admit I’m pretty excited about it. The latest collection is the first to be made here in Melbourne and only one finish being a whipped matte consistency that makes the lipsticks a little less dry and more comfy to wear – win! We also have seen a new look for the lipstick packaging with the brand opting for a slimmer line tube featuring a button dispenser. It’s uber practical and a little less bulky then the bullets we’ve seen in the past so it’s a refreshing change. All the lipsticks are cruelty-free and vegan friendly too.


The lightest shade of the collection is ‘Miss Carla Baby Honey’ is a little too light for my colouring however the gorgeous taupe would be amazing on those who are a medium complexion with olive undertones. The cult favourite  ‘Miss Leah Baby Cocoa’ has returned in matte form and it’s better than ever! It looks less pink in the lip swatch however it’s a pink-based nude that will suit everyone. Moving onto my personal pick from the line, and possibly the colour I’ll wear on my wedding day it’s THAT perfect, it’s ‘Miss Jacqui Pink Lace’. It’s so gorgeous with a dusky warm pink but isn’t too in-your-face. It’s true love. Another more pastel shade like Miss Carla is ‘Miss Steph Baby Lavender’ which is a baby pink with lavender undertones. I find this very flattering for such an unique shade so it’s one to look into.

Now we’re onto the more deeper shades that aren’t so nude-y the first being ‘Miss Rebecca Winter Rose’. It’s bold however nothing that screams ‘I’m not appropriate for a work environment’ so you could definitely wear this to work or on the weekend. It’s warm, rosy and absolutely stunning. Another shade that is a little more bold but still perfect for the everyday grind is ‘Miss Trish Rose Terracotta’ because it’s that trendy terracotta orange with some rose undertones which pulls it back making it such a perfect colour.

For those who are wanting something a little more bright and fun the ‘Miss Eliza Orchid’ is a great statement lip for the winter time. It’s the perfect balance between purple and berry making your teeth look glowing and white – win! ‘Miss Rachel Blackcurrant’ is a shade that is dramatic and dark so it’s the ultimate statement lip. I would describe it as a blackened purple so it’s deep, dark but all sorts of wonderful! I cannot wait to rock it. Both of these shades are the only ones from the collection that I would say you 100% need a lip liner with especially if you have uneven texture around your lips like me.


Overall this collection has got me so excited and I know you all are going to LOVE it. My pick is obviously ‘Miss Jacqui Pink Lace’ as it’s been considered for my wedding but it’s closely followed by ‘Miss Steph Baby Lavender’ and ‘Miss Leah Baby Cocoa’….. Can you tell I’m into nudes right now?! Despite my picks I honestly don’t think Jo and the team at Shanghai Suzy have put a foot wrong in terms of the 8 shades in this collection and a $14.95 a pop I think you all are going to love it too!


My fave places to buy them is directly from Shanghai Suzy or Rouche Boutique (lots of other stockists listed on the website too!)


What are your favourite colours from the collection? Will you be picking any up?


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    Thanks for your swatches!! I think my hairdresser is stocking them soon so I can’t wait to test them out! My picks are Miss Trish and Eliza! So exciting about finding your wedding lip shade potentially!

    xo Kat @ Katness

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      Yay! That’s exciting. It’s so hard to find a lipstick I want to wear on my wedding day… I’m thinking I may even go bold but we will see :P

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      It’s amazing the new packaging however it does say on the website it’s limited edition (the packaging as well as the colours) so I wonder what they’ll do next! Let me know what colours you end up with xo

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