Kosmea Rose hip Oil is an oil I recommend to everyone. It’s Australian owned, deeply nourishing and it really does so many amazing things for the skin! The true test is when you really commit to a product so for the past four weeks I’ve been using the Kosmea Rose hip Oil daily and here are my thoughts.


The Kosmea Rose hip Oil is formulated with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants designed to be a healing oil for wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. There is a misconception that oils should only be used on dry skin types however that’s far from the truth! Every single skin type can really benefit from using rose hip oil because it’s such a multi-use product.


Long time readers of MTA will know the struggles I’ve had with my skin since I stopped taking the pill two years ago. One, and probably the only, downside to coming off the pill was my skin now regularly breaks out and since then it’s been an uphill battle to find a routine that helps heal the area each month. I don’t mind getting spots but I find it really hard when the marks linger for a long time. When I was approached to do a four week trial on the Kosmea Rose hip Oil I jumped at the opportunity because long time readers will know it’s a product I always come back too for fading spots.

PS: you can click on the photos to make them larger for a better look at my skin before and after xo



This is my skin before I started using the oil and I think it’s important to highlight this was just after finishing my period. It’s normal for my skin to look like this just after my period due to hormonal breakouts I get every month. None of these spots are active and usually it takes me until just before my next period to get rid of the marks which generally fade from red to like a darker scar. The product trial start a perfect time because this is generally the worse my skin can look. Before I go any further I want to highlight the fact I’m well aware that my skin is pretty good overall and when I say it’s ‘the worse my skin can look’ I’m obviously talking about my own personal experience.




Four weeks later
The way I decided to trial the product was once a day a night without following up with a moisturiser each night unless I felt like I needed an extra boost. I applied 3-4 drops to my palm, warmed up the product and pressed it into the skin. You can also use this under make up but I feel like it can make me more oily throughout the day so I decided to keep it to just the night time application as it suited my lifestyle. The photos here speak for themselves as you can see most of the red marks are gone apart from the odd stubborn one s that are hanging around. Like I said earlier they’ve faded to more of a darker mark so fingers crossed with continued use they move on ASAP. Although you can’t tell in the photos I’ve also noticed a really big difference in the texture to my skin. No longer is it rough or dry around my eyebrows, nose and chin which is something that I suffer with in the winter time big time!



Overall I’m really stoked with how much of a difference the Kosmea Rose hip Oil made to my skin and it will be staying on my skincare shelf! As I said earlier this is a product that I’ve always came back to but the results have really surprised me because it’s been so long since using it!


If you’d like more information or to try the Kosmea Rose hip Oil head over to the Kosmea website here

Have you tried the Kosmea Rose Hip Oil? What were your thoughts?

*this post was sponsored by Beauty Directory and I couldn’t be more excited because it’s a long-time favourite product of mine so WOOHOO for working with brands I love. If you’re concerned or would like more information about sponsored content please view the disclaimer tab.

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    While I steer clear of rosehip personally, I’m glad to hear it’s worked so well for you! I was using it a few years ago and found that it was breaking me out and I’m not sure if the particular brand I was using was just too heavy for my skin or if it’s the fact that it was rosehip but since then I’ve been too scared to try it out again. But a lot of people say it works really well for them and you scars definitely faded a lot in that time! Also I’m exactly the same with breakouts – they’re always hormonal and come at that time of the month on my chin – so annoying!

    Jessica –

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