Finally my pale skinned prayers have been answered with The Body Shop Australia releasing a range of Shade Adjusting Drops! There is a Lightening shade as well as a Darkening shade so now we can really match our foundations too a tee – wooohooo!


Today I’m only talking about the Lightening Drops because I’ve only tested these out. They’re designed for gals, like me, with light to medium skin tones who often struggle to find foundation shades light enough. Alot of the time affordable foundations – I’m looking at you Rimmel – can pull dark or oxidise making it impossible to go the budget option without having the blend down your neck for days. Essentially the formulation is made up of white and pink pigments so that helps neutralise the yellowness already in foundations. A little goes a long way so just a few drops help to lighten almost instantly.


I’ve used it with a bunch of my favourite foundations offerings from Laura Mercier, NARS, Rimmel and Gorgeous Cosmetics and I haven’t run into any issues with the product not mixing or performing as it should. It does alter the texture of your foundation making it slightly thicker is consistency however on the skin you don’t notice that difference. You’ll also be glad to note I’ve not noticed any negative wear differences when using it which was a huge concern of mine but luckily it seems to be undetectable once on the skin.


It sounds crazy doesn’t it? But there is one big problem with this product and that is the packaging. It’s an eyelet dropper that is absolutely rubbish and I’ve spoken to others that use and they’ve had exactly the same problem. For some reason the dropper doesn’t like cooperating when it comes to dispensing any product. It’s a huge flaw in the product and hopefully The Body Shop will replace it soon enough. Apart from that it is a product I recommend, just not if you have anger issues haha!

Available via The Body Shop from $29.95 now! 

Have you tried any shade adjusting drops? What were your thoughts?

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  1. 1

    I really want to try these. How do you use the product though if the dropper doesn’t work? Maybe I can use the little droppers we get with Maddies baby panadol lol!

    • 2

      It does work but it’s pretty fiddly to dispense product so it’ll take 4-5 squeezes to get a few drops.. Most the time I just poor a little bit out onto the back of my hand lol. I never thought to use the little medicine droppers tho!

  2. 3

    OH.MY.GOODNESS.GRACIOUS what is this heavenly product The Body Shop has made up I am just IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES FOR ME NOW! Thanks for this post girl, I mean…. I’m amazed and will probably go broke because of this (let’s face it, it won’t be too cheap) but OH MAN OH MAN OH MY THIS IS AMAZING THIS POST IS EVERYTHING


  3. 5

    I’m fairly lucky that I’ve found something pale enough for me (Nars Siberia…) but most foundations just don’t have shades pale enough for me so this is definitely going on my wish list!


  4. 7

    I love that the Body Shop came out with these. And it’s a huge relief to hear you don’t think it’s had an effect on the wear time of your foundations because that’s the biggest concern I would have about mixing this product in. I have no idea why all these brands lately insist on releasing base products with all this weird packaging like droppers and spatulas so you’re mean to dot or wipe it on the face. I’d have thought it’s pretty clear that everyone just wants a pump bottle – why is that so hard?!


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