This month is the month I’m slowly moving over the cruelty-free only brands (as you would’ve known if you read this) and it’s been really positive so far. I’m still learning and I am sure I’ll have slip ups but I’m excited about only sharing with you brands/products that line up with my ethical beliefs.


Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment*
I love me some Dermalogica and this product was something I opened and applied onto my lips straight away. It is really rich, feels very luxe (and so it should for the price, and it does really moisturiser the lips. There is nothing wrong with this product! It does exactly what it says it will do however I don’t love the texture. It reminds me of that silicone primer feel where it’s so smoothing it almost feels too smooth? I say try a tester instore if you’re funny with textures like me.


Eye of Horus Dynasty Brow Fibre Extend*
I’m super pumped about finding this product because it’s going to replace the Benefit version that is not cruelty free yay! I’ve been a long time lover of the EOH brow products (I use the pencil) so when I heard that they we bringing out a brow fibre I was excited. I get my eyebrows tinted regularly so when I have a fresh tint these type  of products are so good for a quick neaten up. This particular one doesn’t clump or feel heavy and it is a great volumising formulation. Highly recommend!


Myaura Organics All Natural Deodorant Stick
I found this at the supermarket and I’ve been looking for a natural deodorant that I can wear day to day as most deodorants I’ve been using are not CF. I love this and I’m happy I opted for the fragrance free (I don’t love deodorants that have scents is that weird?) because when I do sweat it’s just neutralised. I still don’t think this is ‘the one’ for the gym however for everyday I’m loving how gentle it is and lets just say my armpits are welcoming the gentle change too!


Lanate Body Cream*
Right off the bat I really don’t love the scent of this product. It’s not lovely and doesn’t make me want to apply it at the end of everyday BUT it is a great body cream if you have keratosis pilaris like me. It doesn’t completely rid your arms of it but I have to say that it has helped my arms more than the Paula’s Choice offering I was using and I’ll take any improvement I can get. It does have a really big cooling affect after you apply it which in winter isn’t ideal but honestly the improvement is worth the scent and cooling affect for me!


Jurlique Balancing Day Cream
I’m a bit confused on whether Jurlique is cruelty-free or not – could someone help a sister out with that one? I recently finished up my usual day moisturiser and I’ve switch to this instead. It’s so moisturising and smoothing on the skin but absorbs quickly plus it doesn’t leave a tacky residue which is exactly what I want before make up application. It’s not a groundbreaking product but it’s so gentle, smoothing and hydrating that it is one I’d recommend.


What have you tried this month? Any highlights? Or any shitty experiences?

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    I like the packaging on that natural deodorant you bought, but I’ve never really found them to work all that well for me. And I totally agree with you about deodorant scents, I HATE when you just end up smelling like deodorant instead of like nothing. It too me forever but I finally found one that doesn’t smell like anything, but I would really doubt it’s cruelty free as it’s a Mitchum one. Sorry! :(


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    That natural deodorant looks lovely! I am trying a few out at the moment but realised that all of them are scented – great you’ve found one without a scent!

    Kate | themintedblog.com

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        Currently using up White Glo (it’s vegan and cruelty free!) but after that I am going to experiment with a DIY toothpaste :)

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          Interesting. I gave away all my white glo haha I’m using a grants one atm and it tastes like eucalyptus. SO GROSS!

          • 9

            Mmmm yeah I am definitely a mint flavoured toothpaste user. Was going to make mine with some peppermint essence even to help with the taste factor haha. I’m going to trial it this weekend so I will msg you and let you know how it goes!

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