Another month done and can you believe we have to start thinking about Christmas soon *shudder* but in the meantime I’ve been trialling a few new products that I wanted to give you my thoughts on.


Dermalogica Precleanse Balm*
I’ve always been a huge Dermalogica fan and when this Precleanse Balm landed on my door step I was really interested. Between make up wipes, micellar waters, waterproof make up removers or just using good old water I can’t say that I have really found an ace product I enjoy taking my make up off with. I float between all of the mentioned and I’ve even used the original Precleanse in the past. My problem withe original was how thin in consistency it is! The actual product is magic at breaking down even the heaviest of make ups and this balm is based on that solution however it has been made into balm. The idea behind it is that it comes with a little mitt and it’s designed to help you nail the double cleanse routine. I don’t use the mitt. I simply warm this up in my hands then massage it into dry skin, like you would an oil, adding a tiny bit of water as I go. I think it does do a really fantastic at removing make up without cotton rounds or splashes water onto the skin and I would highly recommend especially if you liked the original precleanse oil but wanted a different texture.


Pureology Hydrate Sheer Shampoo & Conditioner*
When I was emailing companies to remove me from non-cruelty-free media lists the L’oreal team came back to me saying the Pureology are in fact 100% vegan and sent me over a little package. To be honest I’m not sure how I feel about parent companies owning brands that are CF/vegan when they are not themselves however I am happy to see a great quality hair line so readily available. I’ve been using the Hydrate Sheer duo for just over 3 weeks and I really do love it. It doesn’t have any silicones so if you’re getting your hair coloured it is a fab option and is designed for fine, dry hair… Which is ME! It’s light-weight but still hydrating and you can still get a bit of a lather unlike other silicone-free shampoos. The smell is definitely earthy and not that super inviting fruity scent however I am willing to sacrifice that when they do such a great job.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation*
There is nothing I love more than a foundation to try and I was so excited to see the Magic Foundation land on my door step. Many of my favourite bloggers rave about this foundation however for me it just did not work. Not only was it a pain to apply but it sticks to dry patches like no other! Throughout the day it didn’t wear very well, particularly around dry patches, and it just didn’t seem to sit right. Maybe if you had extremely oily skin it would be better suited but for me it just did not work at all.


Eye Of Horus Bio Lash Lift Mascara*
This mascara is one I’m actually revisiting because so many people recommended it to me when I asked for a vegan friendly, cruelty-free mascara. It is in no way my new holy grail however it does do an amazing job at lifting and holding the lashes in place – like a waterproof mascara but without the annoying removal process! I find it gives length and a little bit of volume without being clumpy and horrible so for everyday the look is great. My only let down is it does sting my eyes throughout the day (for those who haven’t been following along I have extremely sensitive eyes) so for that reason I will use it and repurchase until I find something that doesn’t irritate my damn eyeballs. Suggestions?


Eye Of Horus Inanna Goddess Lipsticks*
Finally EOH are branching out from just eye products and are now releasing a lipstick range. OH. MY. GOD. You guys know I adore Shanghai Suzy lipsticks but seriously guys these are so amazing I think they’re on pare with them. They are very different from the Shanghai Suzy range because the ones I’ve tried ‘Honey’ and ‘Plum’ are very sheer but buildable. If you apply lightly they give you that bitten, washed lip colour look and that I really appreciate. They are creamy, easy to wear and just the best formula for everyday wear. Highly recommend checking them out!


Have you tried any new products this month?


*products in this post may have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information please view our disclaimer.

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    I’m itching to try some EOH lipsticks + that Bio Mascara! Luckily for me my lashes aren’t sensitive, although my eyelids can be. The only new things I’ve tried this month are some samples from Stem Organics & The Jojoba Company, but none of the products that I’ve tried have impressed me enough to warrant a full-size purchase.

    Shell // The Novice Life

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