instagram-like-a-proIf you’ve ever clicked over to our instagram profile you’ll know we’re pretty obsessed with sharing photos and it’s probably our social media platform of choice. It’s a fantastic way for us to reach more of you and also catch up on on all of our favourite fellow bloggers. Here’s a few tips to take your Instagram profile to the next level!

Composition & Focus
This sound ridiculously simple but it’s the small things that can really make your photo! Focus is key to having your photo look sharp, clear and creating some contrast with the other objects. Try tapping different places on the screen to see where you’d like the focus to be – it may not be on the actual object so play around before snapping. Composition is where I personally have the most fun. Layout whatever you’re taking a snap of and play around with positions. If you’re snapping people try editing the photo so you’re off centre or something slightly different to create interest.

Light & Background
Nobody wants to see a selfie with your dirty undies laying in the background so do a quick check to make sure nothing you don’t want seen is in frame. Try popping your items on a textured rug or a printed bedspread for a cool background. Light is another important element to consider but not vital because the filters and editing apps available can save your photos however consider shadows before snapping.

Taking the photo
If you’re not taking your photo in the Instagram app then try taking it in the ‘square’ mode on your camera. This will make sure your photo fits perfectly into Instagram when you get around to uploading it. Another amazing feature on your iPhone is the Burst Mode which can be used by holding down the shutter button in your camera. This is incredible for taking photos of movement like your little ones running around or pets. It’ll take a burst of photos you can review in your camera later so it’s perfect for capturing precious moments.

Edit & Upload
Instagram have definitely stepped it up a notch when it comes to their filters so you can easily edit your photos straight in the Instagram app however there are some amazing apps for editing your photos outside of Instagram. Our favourites are Picfx and Afterlight but let me know if you’d like a full post on our favourite editing apps for Instagram pictures? When uploading try incorporating some relevant hashtags so more people see your photo!

Have fun!
Alot of people get a bit antsy when it comes to the their number of followers or the style of their photos but just have fun! I enjoy taking photos, playing around with editing them and then sharing with all of you – that’s what makes it such a cool app. Remember it’s just a bit of fun and nobody cares if you’re ‘instafamous’ or not.

What are your top tips for taking an awesome Instagram photo?

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  1. 1

    I read somewhere that being famous on instagram is like being rich in Monopoly. XD
    My only tip – especially if your camera doesn’t have a square view/feature like mine – is to style your layout to be a square, or have a good idea of where the invisible square before you crop is. – @curiousxcharlie

    • 2

      Haha that is an awesome comparison! I hate how serious people can get over it all – it’s a bit funny though. Just went over and followed you.

      Great tip too :) x

  2. 3

    Wow these tips are great! I love how filters can help your photo look like a 3 to 10 in an instant. My username is @letsrunawayx_

  3. 5
    • 6

      Haha well it’s true! I love seeing though fails where there is like a naked person behind someone in full selfie mode looking all serious haha

  4. 7

    Great tips, I love the Instagram/Monopoly reference below :) I wish I had a white bench space in my house to take photos on, they’re all black! Next house I’m putting a white bench in just for photos!

    • 8

      Haha how funny! I don’t actually have white benches – I wish I did though ;)
      I use a piece of painted ply stuff you can buy in sheets at Bunnings… I cut mine up so I have three different sizes but it does the job. You still get that white effect! Just be careful with products, it does stain easily… I did pour some liquid bronzer on mine for a photo though :/ haha so I wouldn’t recommend doing that!

  5. 9

    I always have to make sure my Instagram’s are perfect! Thats probably way I hardly ever post!! But as a photography student I feel like I’m harshly judging my own pictures before they can be put up!

  6. 11
  7. 13
    • 14

      Oh definitely I forgot to include that… I hate seeing my photos being used without credit so I always try my best to hunt down a source for any regramming!

      Thanks Ling xxx

  8. 15

    I like using squareready to create a white frame or to fit a rectangular photo into Instagram without having to crop anything off! And VSCO cam is god send to Instagrammers too! x

  9. 17

    I love Instagram! I love styling and taking photos, and sharing them with the Instagram community. I also love viewing other people’s photos. There some really creative people out there. It is interesting how varied different people’s photos of the same item, event or place can be.
    My instagram name is @fabulousandfunlife

  10. 19

    Although Ive been on Instagram for over a year I am still reluctant to use it as I have not really comprehended the full concept on how to use it. Some of your tips Ive found helpful but I would love to read more about it so I can really make the most of the latest social sharing phenomena.

  11. 21
  12. 22

    love instagram but sometimes i find the quality decreases when i upload…dont know why :( not a major problem tho

    • 23

      Oh that’s really strange… Are you screenshotting photos? I know when I was screen shooting my blog photos for Insta they decreased in quality so now I just email them to myself :)

  13. 24
  14. 25

    thanks for these tips. My instagram username is @dreamdream936. I mostly share food pics,lunchbox pics and some competitions.

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