Here are More Than Adored we think it’s so important to support other bloggers, small businesses and creatives. I’ve finally had some time lately to really catch up and read some of my favourite blogs as well as find some new gems. Here are some amazing blogs that you must check out.

1. Zoe London
I’ve followed Zoe on social media and youtube for a long time but only really started reading her blog about six months ago. Zoe is a UK lifestyle blogger who, if you’re a fellow blogger, you might recognise from all the Fudge press releases. Over the past six months I’ve really appreciated and connected with Zoe’s content about the blogging industry. I adore Zoe’s work ethic, photography and down-to-earth personality that oozes from her blog whether she’s talking about the industry, beauty, fashion or food. Her new blog design makes the site super easy to navigate too!

Some of my favourite posts from Zoe include: What Makes A Successful Blog, Ways To Support and Show Blog Love, Why Am I Not As Good As Her?

2. The Nectar Collective 
When I think of how I would describe The Nectar Collective to a friend it would be ‘it’s one of the most inspiring communities online’ that is penned by blogging genius Melyssa. Melyssa has created an online space where she shares tips, tricks, experiences as well as different lifestyle posts from recipes to her own personal goals. If I’m ever in need of some extra inspiration after feeling flat I always click over and read Melyssa’s content.

Some of the best posts from TNC include: Goals For February (sounds boring but these are some of my favourite posts from Mel!), Why Rejection Might Be The Best Thing That Could Happen To You, 5 Ways To Keep Your Blog Life Organised

3. CassandraMyee 
I read alot of beauty blogs and it’s not often I find a new one that I really fall in love with. Maybe it’s because I already follow/love so many?! CassandraMyee is written by, you guess it, Cassandra from New Zealand. When I found her blog (through leaving a link in the comments of MTA – see I do read and check out all the links!) I was drawn in by her gorgeous images and honest writing. There isn’t much more I look for from a beauty blogger!

Posts by Cass that rock: Urban Decay Naked 2 Basic Review, My Essie Polish Collection, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender 

4.  Dolly and Oatmeal
A food blog because if you didn’t know I’m on the hunt for more recipes that are dairy free. This one is penned by the gorgeous Lindsey who is dairy and gluten free so most of the recipes reflect that. The clean website is complimented by the incredible photography and each recipe sounds absolutely delightful. I appreciate the gorgeous photos and words that Lindsey puts together in an instructional yet relaxed way. Another fab one to check out if you’re dairy or gluten free.

Some of my favourites include: Valentine’s Cake w/ Blood Orange Filling, Coconut Blue-Barb Ice Cream (Dairy Free) and Edible Gifting + Chocolate Bark 3 Ways 


What are some of your favourite blogs of the moment?

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    Great round up.. Dolly & Oatmeal are a favorite– because who doesn’t love a beautiful food blog?? Since you listed a few I already love, I know I will adore the other ones as well!

    • 11

      I only found Dolly & Oatmeal recently and I LOVE sifting through all the images. Not the best idea when you’re hungry though :P

      Love your display picture too Kelly! x

  6. 12

    Oooh I love finding new blogs to read! I’m a huge fan of Zoe London and The Nectar Collective both, so I’m excited to check out the other two! x

    • 13

      You’ll love them! How amazing is Zoe tho… I’m a totally fan girl of hers… And Melyssa for that matter too ;P

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