Today’s interview is with someone I’m a tiny bit obsessed with (not in a creepy way) Melyssa Griffin who pens the ever-so helpful The Nectar Collective whilst running a design business and blog coaching services. Mel is a force to be reckoned with and easily someone I look up too in the blogging community. Here are her tips on staying organised, collaborating with others and more!


Q: Tell us a little bit more about yourself like where you are from and what you do for a living?
Hey! My name is Melyssa and I’m currently based out of Los Angeles, though I started my business when I was still living as an expat in Japan! Now, I run a daily blog, web design studio, and blog coaching services. I’m also working on expanding to offer online and in-person workshops. I can’t wait!


Q: What three products can you just not get enough of at the moment?
Hmmm I am pretty obsessed with Benefit’s Benetint (even though it only lasts for 10 minutes, I love it!), Buffer (for scheduling my social media promotions), and this coconut milk creamer that I use in my coffee…so good! I recently gave up dairy and it has been such a great choice!


Q: Spill the contents of your handbag… Is there anything inside that we’ll never find you without?
Good question! I used to carry a gigantic purse that could have doubled as a suitcase, but now I’ve been limiting myself to tinier bags that can’t fit my entire life inside. I keep things simple: usually just my wallet, phone, business cards, chapstick, and probably a bunch of business receipts I haven’t filed yet. ;)


Q: Describe your ultimate pamper night and what are some products you use for it?
I LOVE taking baths. Unfortunately, California is in a huge drought right now, so taking a bath is kind of like a mortal sin. Instead, I’ve curling up on the couch with Netflix and my pup. Sometimes I’ll light a candle (usually a cheapie scented one from Target, but I’m looking for some better ones…any you love?), but I almost always have a cup of something warm and comforting. Who are we kidding? It’s coffee. It’s always coffee.


Q: What is the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received?
That’s tough! Ever? Like in my whole life? Hmmm…well recently it might be about the fact that dairy and a poor diet are linked to breakouts. Lately, I’ve cut out dairy completely and I’ve been eating WAY less processed foods. It’s helped my skin tremendously and makes me feel great, too!


Q: You pen your own amazing blog as well as run a design business – how do you manage to juggle both? What are your top tips for staying organized?
That’s sweet of you to say! I am always looking for new ways to stay organized, but I think my top three are: writing out a list of to dos each morning, keeping a paper planner (mainly for big events and meetings) and a Google Calendar (which I use to keep track of ongoing client projects). I also am crazy about Google Docs and use them for TONS of things, like keeping track of ideas, schedules, canned email responses, etc. They save me a ton of time and I can even edit them on my phone!


Q: You obviously spend your days working with people. What are your top tips for collaborating with others?
Well, I’d say that if there’s someone you want to collaborate with, don’t hesitate to reach out to them! Most people wait and wait and wait (I do, too!!), because they’re afraid of hearing, “no,” but often times people want to collaborate with you.

As for collaborating with clients, I think it’s important to be incredibly clear and professional. Always. Things go wrong when people are confused, so communication and clarity are two things I strive to excel at.


Q: Where do you find your inspiration for both your blog content and your design work?
Everywhere, I think! I feel that the more I blog and design, the more ideas come to me, because I’m able to build off of things I’ve done in the past. I also am always on the hunt for things that inspire me, whether out in the world, on Pinterest, or on other blogs. Over time, I’ve developed my own style and niche, so it’s easier for me to know what will work best for my blog and business.


Q: Do you have any favourite blogs or even people that inspire you?
These two are pretty huge, but I am SO inspired by Marie Forleo and Pat Flynn and their blogs, podcasts, and videos. Everything they do is personable, useful, and actionable. I’ve learned a lot from them.


Q: Any advice for newbie bloggers on getting started?
First of all, you’re ready. Just do it. Get started. Go full force. A lot of people take forever to get started and end up stunting their own growth. Don’t be that person. Also, reach out to other bloggers! Form a community. Be engaged. Blogging is neat because you don’t need to “know” someone to send them a tweet or leave a comment on their site. You can just do it. And if you do it enough, you might find a lifelong friend, business partner, or more!

For more tips, I actually wrote a post for newbie bloggers right here.


It’s kind of embarrassing but I love… the TV show, Psych. I think it was on the USA channel and it’s pretty silly, but I love it!

The first thing I do every morning is… lately, I’ve been writing two pages of stream of consciousness, with a tiny focus on what I want to achieve for the day. It feels great to get my thoughts out and I feel like I start the day with a pep in my step.

On Saturday night you’ll find me…Either out to dinner somewhere Yelp-approved with my boyfriend or snuggling on the couch with my boyfriend and pup! I’m a homebody, can you tell?

My pet peeve is…people who are judgmental or gossipy. It literally makes me all hot and itchy inside when I’m in a group of people who are being mean. I also feel the same way when someone chews their food really loudly, so go figure.

I’m the happiest when… I’m helping people and following my passions at the same time. This is why I love my business and blog. :)

My celeb crush is… I honestly suck at celebrities, but maybe James Franco. He seems like a smart, free spirit. I think we’d get along pretty swimmingly. ;)


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Don’t forget to check her Melyssa’s amazing blog, Instagram and Twitter!

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