THE WEEKLY NOTES #4 – puppy update, new releases, & we’re on Youtube?

me & simba

Can you believe it’s now July?! What is happening to 2015? This week has been a busy one between new launches, birthdays and Simba being a CRAZY puppy.


As you’re reading this I’m currently away at a friends place for her birthday but as I’m writing this it’s Tuesday (I know SUPER early this week) and we’ve got some catching up too do! I haven’t written a weekly notes post for a few weeks because… Well if I’m honest I’ve been feeling a bit crappy about the blog and frustrated because I feel as though sometimes I’m not producing content that’s good enough. Anyone in any sort of creative job will know how this feels and you’ll all be glad to know that I’ve pulled myself out of that headspace now!


If you follow us on Snapchat (add ‘morethanadored’) or Simba on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve had my hands full with this playful puppy but after having having him for just over 4 weeks now I’m finally feeling as though we’re into a bit of a routine. He still pees EVERYWHERE inside and barks at me when he isn’t getting enough attention but we’re getting there. He is adorable and getting a puppy was easily the best decision we’ve ever made. The MTA office has also been bombarded with new releases this past week so I’m keen to starting trying and reviewing those for you. If anyone has seen any products on our snapchat, Instagram or even just around that you’re wondering about just let me know and I’ll do my best to review it ASAP.


As the title alludes to I’m actually going to be launching a Youtube channel very soon (there is nothing exciting happening over there yet but I thought I’d link it anyways lol). As I said above the lack of confidence in my content really took it’s toll on me the past few weeks so I want to start really pushing myself creatively. I’ve been talking about Youtube for over a year and now that the website is set up how I want it to be I feel like it’s the right time. My first video is still a little while away, god I don’t even know how to record a video let alone edit, but I’m excited to add an extra dimension to the blog. Nothing will change over here apart from an extra video post once or twice a week so don’t fret – daily posts will continue! Isaac and I are also talking about doing a vlog channel as well but that will be on a separate channel in the future (maybe our weekly vlogs can go into this post every Sunday?). I kinda wish we’d started that before we got Simba because he is already growing so fast but regardless whenever we do start it’ll be a fun thing for us to do.


So some exciting things happening for us and I’m keen to dive in too the Youtube world. It’ll be a learning experiencing but hopefully one that we enjoy along the way (you… me…. Isaac…. Simba)


What’s been happening for you lately? Anything super interesting?

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    Perhaps coming off from a month of insane posting, you are left a little exhausted?? I think you have definitely upped your blogging game! So excited for your upcoming YT channel! Lots of work ahead!

    xo Kat @ Katness

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    Simba is the cutest name ever! I hope you’ve already recreated the ‘everything the light touches is our kingdom’ scene, because I would honestly do that every morning if I was you :’)!


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    Producing daily content can leave you exhausted! I’m so glad you’re feeling better though!! I think we all have those moments. SOOOO excited about your YT & Simba is quite possibly the cutest thing ever!!! xx

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

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      Awwww thank you Nat!!! I’m slowly getting organised for it. I’ve been reading up on it like crazy… SO many things to learn x

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