Kale is one of those ingredients that is so good for you but can take a little getting used too. When I first tried it I was convinced it was the worst vegetable ever but now I know how to properly prepare it I can’t get enough! Here are 4 DELICIOUS recipes using kale that are must-try.


Baked Kale Chips – this recipe I’ve linked it the one that convinced me that kale isn’t awful and can be absolutely delicious so thank you A Spicy Perspective! I first tried kale chips we just cooked them with a bit of oil salt and pepper but the mix of spices that is used in this recipe is so freaking amazing. It just goes to show how much of an impact spices can have on a dish!!


kale 2

Kale & Quiona Skillet with Mushrooms + Herbs – skillet sounds fancy but it just means it’s cooked all together. Kale is really yummy cooked down and still adds a little texture. I particularly love it with mushrooms so we cook this pretty regularly. Oh and I just used normal real butter in place of the fake stuff they recommend.



Shredded Kale & Brussel Sprouts Salad – if you didn’t like brussel sprouts as a kid I highly recommend giving them another go because both Isaac and I have discovered we LOVE them. We usually replace the almonds with walnuts and add some grated apple to this dish for a bit of sweetness. It’s a really yummy one to accompany salmon too… *drools*



Cauliflower & Kale Soup – seriously cauliflower is almost my favourite vegetable to use as a base for soups… After potatoes but we all know that’s not the best habit to get into. This soup is absolutely deliciously but still really light. I often find it hard to find really yummy, hearty soups that don’t use heavy ingredients (like potatoes). I would eat just about anything in soup form :P


What are your favourite ways to use kale?

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