Only 6 months ago my inbox was awful and I felt like I was becoming a slave to my emails… That had me stressed. Now I have a fairly decent routine meaning that doesn’t happen anymore so I thought I’d share three super easy habits to adapt to help you tackle your inbox.


Check only at allocated times
This is so important!!! When I read Mad’s post here the tip that really stuck out to me was to stop having the window open in the background and the alerts switched on. Now I check my emails 2-3 times a day for 1/2 an hour and reply to as many as I can in the time. It means I’m not constantly distracted by the alerts and being drawn away from projects because of an email. Most emails can wait an hour!


Prioritise emails
In the morning is generally when I have the most emails so I like to quickly clear my inbox of anything that is unimportant and then go back through replying to the urgent ones. This means that everything that needs to be replied to is answered and I’m not stressed throughout the day. Even if you only reply to the most important emails in your allocated time slot you can always go back and clear out the unimportant emails when you get a spare second.


Have a separate account for mailing lists and work
I have my More Than Adored email addy and then a personal one. When signing up to mailing lists for online stores, blogs or anything like that I always sign up with my personal email address. This means when checking my work email I’m not distracted by the latest ASOS sale vortex. I only check my personal account once a day to minimise on distractions and it’s worked well for me. I used to have a few mailing lists sneaking into my blog email and now I have only 1-2 left yay!


Do you have any lifesaving tips when it comes to managing your inbox?

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I'm a retail manager by day and a blogger by night aiming to bring you the newest beauty, fashion and lifestyle news. More Than Adored was created to help beauty lovers, like myself, make informed decisions when it comes to buying new goodies.

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  • I have a separate email for mailing lists etc too!! A lot easier to manage!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

    • Definitely! But dangerous when you’re in a shopping mood and check your personal one lol x

  • Love this post! I wish I could get out of the habit of being a compulsive email checker – I think it’s a residual habit from working in offices where people communicated exclusively via email…

    Madeline | <a href=www.madelineloves.com

    • Oh that wouldn’t help at all! I’m slowly getting better. I hate disappointing people so I find I check because I don’t want to make people wait x

  • The Sunday Mode

    These are some really good tips, I need to turn off my email alerts because you’re right they are so distracting! Plus if I see an alert for an important email I usually get stressed and feel like I have to answer it ASAP, which means I drop everything else which isn’t ideal.


    • YES! It’s all about breaking that cycle because I was exactly the same x

  • Oh goodness, I’m often terrible with emails! It seems to be like the last important thing on my list to sort out my inbox when it is often the first thing that starts me stressing xD thanks for these tips! xx

    elizabeth | icecreamandclara.blogspot.co.uk
    Follow for follow on bloglovin’? :D http://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/ice-cream-whispers-clara-4665421

    • No worries lovely x

  • I have 3 email accounts one personal, one for blogging and one for work which allows me to separate things and even thou it may sound confusing it actually helps me to reply faster to the most important ones!

    Sara | http://www.marybloomy.com

    • No that sounds perfect! Makes you less confused too :P

  • I am always getting so so stressed when it comes to emails. Always getting new ones and can never keep on top of the important ones! Great tips and great post!
    Charlotte – http://www.alifeofacharlotte.com/

    • Hopefully it helped xx