Recently the lovely people over at Facial Co asked if I’d like to be gifted some Alpha-H skincare and of course I said yes! I’ve only ever used a cleanser from the brand so I was super keen to see how a few different products performed for me.


As you guys are probably aware I have had some luck with my skin the past couple of months because I take a zinc supplement. It has really helped my skin calm down and even out which I’m loving however it’s meant I haven’t changed my routine around much because I haven’t needed too. Despite this I introduced the Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel With Eucalyptus using it as my everyday moisturiser for a few days. Unfortunately I broke out so badly when using this product that I discontinued use after 4 days. What I can tell you about the product is that it is very  moisturising with the gel formulation it really absorbs super quickly without leaving a film on the skin. It was light whilst giving the skin a good whack of hydration. Unfortunately it is strongly scented and my skin didn’t love it but I find I’m a little more sensitive to products now I have a set routine!


Another product I’ve been using is the Liquid Gold which is a cult product in the beauty world. There is no doubt it does wonders for the skin and I can see why it is loved. You apply with a cotton round and leave it on the skin overnight for an intense treatment or follow up with a moisturiser for a mild serum type affect. It is designed to resurface the skin which in turn helps with fine lines, pigmentation and sun damage. It was one of the products that blew up and made these kind of products popular. It is an incredible product and it does live up too the hype because you do see overnight results however there are similar products on the market now. I would 100% recommend this one for those who have sun damage, pigmentation and acne-scarred skin though!



The one product I still don’t feel totally in love with or have an adversity towards is the Instant Facial with Cypress & Barley. This is a solution that is designed to clarify the skin similar to an in-salon microdermabrasion treatment. I do like this product and I think it does exactly what it claims to on the bottle BUT after trialling it so close to the Liquid Gold both aren’t needed in a routine. I find the results from liquid gold in terms of skin texture, exfoliation and radiance a little better whereas this is a little more gentle on the skin. It is a great product and if you want a less intense treatment this would be an ace one too try.



All available from Facial Co


Have you tried Alpha-H skincare?

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    If you’ve tried the Pixi Glow Tonic I’d love to know how something like that is in comparison to the Liquid Gold? I’ve heard about the Liquid Gold so much over the years but I’ve always been too chicken to try it out on my skin because people say it’s quite harsh?

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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    I’ve tried a couple of things from Alpha-H – the Gentle Daily Exfoliant & the Absoluté Eye Complex. I’m about to finish the former & I have mixed feelings about it – on one hand, I have noticed recently that it does make my skin a bit brighter upon removal but on the other, it does nothing in the exfoliation department. I loved the Absoluté Eye Complex though – it managed to reduce my dark under-eye shadows a little. I’d definitely re-purchase that.

    Shell // The Novice Life

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    That’s a shame that moisturiser broke you out! I’ve used liquid gold for years though and still love it. Though you’re right, there are a lot of similar products on the market now so there’s a lot more to choose from and sometimes it can be more fun to try something different instead of repurchasing the same thing. The thing I really like about Liquid Gold though is you’re meant to just clease your face and then use Liquid Gold and go to bed so I used to use it all the time back when I had a lot of late nights because getting to bed those extra couple of minutes faster feels so important at 5am, haha.

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