I’ve had a mountain of empties laying in the corner of my office for months so it’s now time to get through reviewing them all for you guys. These are one of my favourite type of blog posts and videos to watch but let me know if you’re interested in still seeing them in the future?


Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo + Conditioner
I got sent a gift set over the Christmas period that included this duo as well as the treatment. I’ve used all three before so I was pretty darn excited to have another lot to use. I would say if you have any sort of colour treated hair this is a fantastic, good quality, basic but really affective duo to use. It’s a little bit more expensive then supermarket options but still reasonable and it left my hair feeling nourished.

Would I repurchase? Yes. 


Joico K-Pak Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair
Two things I look for in a deep conditioners product is that it doesn’t come in a tub and it’s something that can just be applied in the shower with minimal time to wait for the product to wait. This has both of those concepts and it just moisturisers my hair without overloading it or leaving it feeling heavy. This is my third bottle of this stuff and it’s love!

Would I repurchase? Already have. 


Skinstitut Moisture Defence Normal Skin
You guys know the drill – this is my FAVE moisturiser for everyday. The formulation is a gel so it provides such a good whack of moisture without leaving your face feeling slick. It performs well under make up and doesn’t take forever to dry down which is a bonus for me because I’m always in a rush. My only gripe is how quickly I go through these haha! Holy grail product.

Would I repurchase? A million times over. 


Clinique Take The Day Off Cleaning Balm
When I was using this product I thought it was good but it didn’t really blown me away until I started using other balms and I realised just how good this is at breaking down make up. It doesn’t leave a film on the skin, will break down eye make up and isn’t a bitch to get off the skin unlike some others I’ve been testing. It’s basic but it works and I am very sorry I ever doubted its quality.

Would I repurchase? Yes


Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12%
Onto a product I didn’t love so much and it’s this cleanser from Skinstitut. It’s easily the first product I’ve used from Skinstitut that I haven’t fallen in love with but it’s just not right for my skin type at the moment. It actually dried my skin out if I used it on consecutive days so unless you have problematic oily skin I probably wouldn’t recommend it. As for the consistency it really did perform well as a cleanser though!

Would I repurchase? No  


Avene Micellar Lotion
I use a micellar water every morning instead of doing a full cleanse over the sink. Some people I’ve told that to have gone bananas but its what works for me and I prefer it as I shower at night time. This is the one I always come back too because it’s super gentle, doesn’t feel a film on top of my skin which is super important in the morning and it isn’t highly fragranced. It’s basic but it works! It is also pretty good at removing make up as well! I have to admit it is pricey but if you hold out for a sale then it is worth it.

Would I repurchase? Already have.


Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Mask
I finished this a few months ago and seeing it in this pile makes me miss it a ridiculous amount because this shit is good! It’s a hydrating mask you leave on the skin and then tissue off the excess and it’s incredible when you use it like that BUT I discovered that when you use it in place of your moisturiser at night and sleep with it on it does WONDERS for the skin. Another holy grail product!

Would I repurchase?  Once I’ve finished up some other bits yes. 


Nars Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer
When you have oily eyelids sometimes you just give up and that was where I was at until I discovered this product. It’s a game changing primer that actually makes your eyeshadows last so much longer and prevents them from creasing. I can honestly say it’s probably the one primer for the eyes I’ve used that has worked!

Would I repurchase? Yes. 


Clarins Double Serum
Having used this for years I feel a little bit lost without now it’s gone. This bottle lasted me for ages! I’ve never used the Estee Lauder Overnight Miracle or whatever it is but I haven’t a feeling this is the Clarins offering. It’s just a good basic serum that does a bit of everything and makes you skin look fresher and brighter. If you don’t have any HUGE skin concerns or just want to introduce an all round serum this is one I’d highly recommend.

Would I repurchase? Once I’ve finished up some other bits yes.


Maxfactor Masterpiece Transform High Impact Mascara
Historically Maxfactor have always done my favourite mascaras EVER! This one is good but it’s not incredible alone. The brush is really spikey and usually I’m a fan but it bristles are so short by itself it really struggles to provide any decent volume. It’s not that I think this is a bad mascara because I’ve used it up by layering it over others and enjoyed it but it’s nothing groundbreaking.

Would I repurchase? Not to wear alone no but it doesn’t layer well. 


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What products have you finished up lately? Have you tried any of these?

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  2. 3

    Why have people gone bananas when you tell them that you only use micellar water? I thought that’s a perfect valid way of removing makeup?

    • 4

      As a morning cleanse! People have tsk’d me for not doing a proper cleanse in the AM but it’s just not viable or needed for me anyway

  3. 5

    I love the feeling of finishing up a product! I had the Clinique balm a while back and loved it, but haven’t picked it up again just because I’ve had others lying around but I would definitely use it again in a heartbeat. I’m working my way through a Too Faced mini eyeshadow primer at the moment and even though it’s a mini they still last absolutely forever, but I’m thinking I’d get the NARS one next as I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about it.


  4. 6

    I loveeee love love that Skinstitut moisturiser! I’m on my third bottle, HG product for sure! x

    Daniela | MissNewBeauty.net

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